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21st century American religion: decreasing church membership, rising generational divides

How will religion change in the 21st century? A recent Gallup poll of American religious practice gives us a fascinating glimpse into future trends, both for society as a whole and education in particular. The keep point in their report: … Continue reading

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Humanity’s next century: an Empty Planet for education?

Where is the human race headed for the next few generations?  What is in store for higher ed if the population bomb turns out to be a dud? Demographics, demographics, demographics: my audiences know I harp on this topic as … Continue reading

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American college and university enrollment declines again – for the 8th year in a row

The total number of students enrolled in American higher education declined this spring, according to new NSCRC data.  For the eighth year in a row. This is vital data for the nation’s education sector. Let’s break down the details. Here’s the … Continue reading

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Notes on the US News & World Report higher education apocalypse

This week US News & World Report – home of the leading American college and university rankings scheme – published a column arguing that higher education is entering the end times. I’m not being hyperbolic.  The published title echoes author … Continue reading

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An academic accreditor looks at higher ed’s horizon

I think what’s happening right now in Vermont is a crisis in higher education.  There’s no doubt about it… I’m just back from a week in Australia.  It was a very productive time, and also delightful as Oz always is.  The … Continue reading

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Another small American college will close

My most recent blog post had the grim title of “casualties of the future.”  I wrote about how American higher ed is experiencing problems and losses as it seeks to change from one historical stage to another. And now there’s … Continue reading

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Casualties of the future: college closures and queen sacrifices

For years I’ve been thinking about ways of explaining higher education’s present and future.  My peak higher education model is out there, for example, notorious and grim. Beyond that, I wonder if we should think of our time as a … Continue reading

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Are mega-universities the future?

How big will campuses get? A recent Chronicle of Higher Education article argues that what it calls mega-universities are a trend to watch. Lee Gardner defines such academic behemoths in terms of size.  He cites enrollment numbers upwards of 80,000.  Western … Continue reading

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One state plans for more college closures

The American state of Massachusetts is now publicly preparing for more colleges to close. This is clearly a response to a rash of local closings, including those of Mount Ida College and Newbury College.  On a closely related level, Wheelock College merged with Boston … Continue reading

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On liberal education surviving the 21st century

Over the past week many people have asked me to comment on Adam Harris’ recent Atlantic article, “The Liberal Arts May Not Survive the 21st Century.”  Often they asked me to respond to the title or the conclusions they drew … Continue reading

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