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Two stories for climate change and higher education

How will climate change impact the future of higher education? In this post I’ll share two news stories that I think are useful prompts for this futures work, each in some different ways.  Both are behind paywalls, so I’ll summarize … Continue reading

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Talking higher education on the Disruptors podcast

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on the Disruptors podcast, and the show just went live. Matt Ward took us on a whirlwind tour through administrative growth, adjunctification, why higher ed is expensive, the Bennet hypothesis, too many students, … Continue reading

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Public higher ed: still in the Great Recession’s shadow

Part of my work on higher education’s future concerns the economics of colleges and universities.  This topic is often underappreciated, I find, as we can get distracted by the thousand other aspects of higher ed.  Or, worse, we just discuss … Continue reading

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Notes on the US News & World Report higher education apocalypse

This week US News & World Report – home of the leading American college and university rankings scheme – published a column arguing that higher education is entering the end times. I’m not being hyperbolic.  The published title echoes author … Continue reading

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An academic accreditor looks at higher ed’s horizon

I think what’s happening right now in Vermont is a crisis in higher education.  There’s no doubt about it… I’m just back from a week in Australia.  It was a very productive time, and also delightful as Oz always is.  The … Continue reading

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On futures, education, life, and business: I’m interviewed by the Geyser

This week I was interviewed by The Geyser, Kent Anderson‘s newsletter about information and education.  I appreciated the questions and enjoyed Kent’s focus.  As he put it, we explored “From adopting a subscription model to ensuring heterogenous conversations.” What follows … Continue reading

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On liberal education surviving the 21st century

Over the past week many people have asked me to comment on Adam Harris’ recent Atlantic article, “The Liberal Arts May Not Survive the 21st Century.”  Often they asked me to respond to the title or the conclusions they drew … Continue reading

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From the 2018 ITHAKA Next Wave conference: libraries, publishers, and higher education

Last week I helped emcee the ITHAKA Next Wave conference.  It was a rich and powerful experience, and I want to share some reflections here. The event presented cutting-edge thinking about the future of higher education, from economics to demographics, … Continue reading

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My next future of education workshop is November 13th, near Boston

In November I’m conducting a one-day, in-person workshop on future trends for education and technology in the Boston area.  Consider it a sneak peak at my forthcoming book. Here’s the official description: This interactive session takes participants through the leading forces … Continue reading

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One future for education: health care nation

In 2014 I offered one scenario for education’s future that seems to have a good shot at realization.  I called it “Health Care Nation,” and it presumes that the medical sector becomes the largest part of the American economy. I … Continue reading

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