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COVID-19 versus higher ed: the downhill slide becomes an avalanche

How might the COVID-19 pandemic ultimately impact higher education? In 2013 I introduced the peak higher education scenario.  I’ve developed it further since. Alas, American higher education has generally fulfilled that forecast.  Now that COVID-19 has hit, things are getting … Continue reading

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More queen sacrifices in Michigan, Texas, and Arkansas

American higher education continues to exercise the queen sacrifice strategy.  Here I’ll share three recent examples from across the country. (If you’re new to the term, it’s one I’ve been using to describe a college or university strategy of cutting … Continue reading

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Snapshot of a conversational morning

I’d like to share a small sample of how I use social media.  Not for a spectacular event, nor a comprehensive overview, and definitely not in a professionally ethnographic way, but just to demo some ways social media can work … Continue reading

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Five community colleges to merge

I’ve been forecasting and tracking college mergers for a while.  Today I’d like to add another merger to the list. Five Minnesota community colleges will merge within two years, according to Inside Higher Ed.  That’s (in alpha order) Hibbing Community … Continue reading

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One forecast for higher ed in the 2020s

It’s the year 2020 and the appearance of a new decade has many people looking ahead to see what might come up. One example comes from Inside Higher Ed.  John Kroger* offers ten predictions, and it’s a useful set to … Continue reading

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The most dangerous report in higher education

Last week a small, Boston-based firm prepared to release a report about the financial status of nearly 1,000 American colleges and universities.  Inside Higher Ed prepped an article on Edmit’s report. The report never appeared. In this post I’ll try … Continue reading

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How to merge a college with a university

Two more American campuses announced a merger.  Marlboro College in Vermont will merge with the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. For years I’ve been tracking ideas and practices around academic mergers, closures, cuts, and queen sacrifices, as responses to the growing … Continue reading

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College and university financial health: one important view

Inside Higher Ed does many fine things for the post-secondary world.  One of them is conducting repeated, careful surveys of key campus players. This week they released a survey of chief financial and business officers, a crucial constituency with vital … Continue reading

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21st century American religion: decreasing church membership, rising generational divides

How will religion change in the 21st century? A recent Gallup poll of American religious practice gives us a fascinating glimpse into future trends, both for society as a whole and education in particular. The keep point in their report: … Continue reading

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Humanity’s next century: an Empty Planet for education?

Where is the human race headed for the next few generations?  What is in store for higher ed if the population bomb turns out to be a dud? Demographics, demographics, demographics: my audiences know I harp on this topic as … Continue reading

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