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More Toggle Term campuses

Now that we’re in September it seems that every day offers examples of colleges and universities switching between in-person and online education.  The Toggle Term is now in play. To recap: a Toggle Term is when a college or university … Continue reading

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Another day, another set of campuses flip from in-person to online

As September kicks off, more campus are choosing Toggle Terms.  Here I offer some updates. To explain: a Toggle Term is when a college or university switches between online and in-person education during a semester for COVID-19-related reasons.  Examples to date include: North … Continue reading

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Launching my new technology seminar

Tonight is the first session of my technology, innovation, and design seminar for Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology masters program.  This seminar is required for all LDT students, so the class tends to be among the largest. As usual … Continue reading

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Campus COVID dashboards: a list and what we can learn from them

How do we track the coronavirus as it hits higher education? As fall semesters begin across the United States, some colleges and universities have taken to publishing their internal COVID-19 data.  This often takes the form of dashboards hosted on … Continue reading

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More campuses head online, another Toggle Term situation, and debates over killing students: today in COVID-19 higher education

It is August 19th, 2020, and fall semester is rushing upon American higher education.  The past few weeks have seen a series of developments, from schools offering rebatesdiscounts to some campuses opening up and experiencing infection spikes to others wrestling … Continue reading

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Higher education is already feeling the first effects of COVID-19

As I write this COVID-19 continues to gnaw on the human race.  Data is increasingly dubious for a range of reasons (politics, testing, etc.) but the range looks like between 630,000 and 720,000 infected and around 30,000 dead, with both … Continue reading

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The moment for a partisan pandemic

Someone soon may call this The Blue Plague. Why?  The largest urban clusters of coronavirus infections and deaths are, as of this writing, New York City, Seattle, and the Bay Area.  Coming up in a second tier are Detroit and … Continue reading

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Decades late, most American states start trying to attempt to start to get around to trying to spend a little more money on higher ed

Some important new data just appeared about higher ed financing. tl;dr version: there’s good news and bad news. The good news is: nearly all American states spent more on public higher ed last year than they did the year before. … Continue reading

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Teaching a graduate seminar on technology and innovation

In a couple of weeks I’ll start teaching two graduate seminars in Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program.  I’d like to share my plans with you all as part of my commitment to transparency in practice. Today I’ll describe … Continue reading

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American college and university enrollment declines again – for the 8th year in a row

The total number of students enrolled in American higher education declined this spring, according to new NSCRC data.  For the eighth year in a row. This is vital data for the nation’s education sector. Let’s break down the details. Here’s the … Continue reading

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