Tomorrow: “Appy Hour” on the Future Trends Forum

What will mobile apps mean for education?

Tomorrow we’re trying an experiment on the Future Trends Forum.  It combines mobile apps with videoconferencing, and is called, wonderfully, Appy Hour.

The idea came up last week, when the Forum community met to brainstorm what phase 2 of the project could look like (seriously, check out the responses.  What a rich discussion!).   Rita-Marie Conrad and Maria Andersen (a fine Forum guest herself) took the lead here, and receive all the credit.

The idea is for participants to share mobile apps they find to be the most powerful, unusual, useful for learning, or indicative of future trends. The apps can be for either iOS or Android, or even browser apps that work well on smartphones.

So you are invited to join us.  Don’t worry, as this isn’t formal.  There’s no need to prepare a PowerPoint slide. Instead, each person can simply show the app on camera and speak informally to what is does and why it’s interesting.  If an idea has just leaped to mind as you read this post, see if you can chime in tomorrow from 2-3 pm EST.  And/or leave a comment below.

Each showing should only take a few minutes, so we’ll have room for as many people as possible. And naturally the Forum community will percolate questions and requests throughout.

By the end we’ll have a fine sense of fascinating mobile apps for learning and digital life, and also a collaborative glimpse of where apps may be headed in the future. Join us!

Now I have to decide which digital storytelling Android app to show, or if should instead demonstrate the criminally addictive and sweet Neko Atsume…

To RSVP ahead of time, or to jump straight in at 2 pm EDT this Thursday, click here:

Like I said, Neko Atsume is very sweet.

To find more information about the Future Trends Forum, including notes and recordings of all previous sessions, click here.

(Neko Atsume screengrab by C-Monster)

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3 Responses to Tomorrow: “Appy Hour” on the Future Trends Forum

  1. Sounds fascinating! I can’t join you, but I look forward to the ensuing list!

  2. Alas, missed over half of it but did save all the recommendations to include in FTTE session collection and may add a few more.

    Language learning is a rich area, but I couldn’t help noticing that instructors did not pick the same apps as learners on the hoof. If I were still teaching ESL online, I’d recommend a selection from both piles (among other online resources) and then ask them which they preferred and why.

    Health care, especially aging related, is a another growing app area that tends to miss the learning list. Some do show up in “teaching” and mobile learning as part of programs for health care workers.

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