Another day, another set of campuses flip from in-person to online

As September kicks off, more campus are choosing Toggle Terms.  Here I offer some updates.

toggle switch by Alan LevineTo explain: a Toggle Term is when a college or university switches between online and in-person education during a semester for COVID-19-related reasons.  Examples to date include: North Carolina State UniversityNotre Dame, SUNY Oneonta, Temple University, and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Here are some more:

After holding in-person classes, yesterday Gettysburg College ordered an “[i]mmediate all-student quarantine.”  The reason: “a trend of positive cases on campus that, according to the results we had, were connected to certain affinity groups or social gatherings.”

This switch online will last “through at least the end of the week.”  After that we could see a continuation of remote instruction, or a toggle back to in-person.

James Madison University ended in-person instruction and asked students to leave campus.  The cause: more than 500 students testing positive for the coronavirus.

Colorado College sent students home for the next two and a half weeks as COVID cases grew in their largest residence halls.  Local government played a role, as “the El Paso County Health Department has required the college to quarantine entire residence halls.”  Looking ahead, the college “said it expects ‘rolling waves of large quarantines’ moving forward.”

Note that Colorado uses a shorter academic schedule than semesters, having blocks instead.

The University of Notre Dame, having Toggled once this semester, is preparing to throw the switch again.  Next week it’ll send students and faculty back to classrooms.

Down the road, I’m looking for other campuses that are fine Toggle candidates.  The University of South Carolina’s president openly proclaimed that his administration was starting Toggle planning.  Georgia College is experiencing a massive infection expansion.  Several Iowa campuses are in counties with enormous numbers of COVID cases.  Adrian College just saw 6% of students and staff (not sure about faculty) testing positive.  The number of Illinois State students testing positive broke 1,000, as did the University of South Carolina.

(thanks to Todd Bryant, Jennifer Sader, Jason Parkhill)

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8 Responses to Another day, another set of campuses flip from in-person to online

  1. Ken Soto says:

    Here’s one to keep an eye on in my backyard:

    SDSU is a CSU which was early in saying all campuses would be remote. San Diego county has done well and SDSU welcomed freshmen only back to campus, and, well, here we are.

  2. Bill Owens says:

    Hartwick College, which is almost adjacent to SUNY Oneonta, has toggled for (at least) two weeks in response to the cluster there. It’s the first example I’ve seen of problems at one campus forcing another one online. They announced yesterday in the middle of the afternoon, effective immediately:

  3. mkt42 says:

    Although Colorado College’s residence halls may be closed for only two and a half weeks, their classes will be almost all online for their next three “blocks” (month-long academic terms), according to their website:
    “Classes and activities will be delivered remotely for the rest of 2020.”

    “the El Paso County Health Department has required the college to quarantine entire residence halls.”

    Thanks, that explains something that I was wondering: why did one infected student cause Colorado College to quarantine an entire residence hall? We’ve had two students test positive so far, and as planned we moved them into the residence hall that was designated to isolate such students. But we didn’t quarantine the rest of the students from the original residence hall.

    • Mike Tamada says:

      Actually, re-reading that local news article that you linked to, I think it is incorrect when it states this: “Remote learning for all classes will be in place for at least the next two and a half weeks”.

      To me, Colorado College’s website is saying that most residence halls will be closed and most students told to go home and take classes online, and that will last for the rest of calendar year 2020.

  4. Why not call them ‘bait and switch’ terms instead of the euphemistic ‘toggle’?

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