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A door, a paradox, and a parable

Yesterday I visited a United States federal building in Washington, DC.  I strode along its long frontage, looking for doors to enter, as many were closed. buy xenical online buy xenical no prescription generic Then I found this one: I … Continue reading

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Four hints from the future of technology and education

With this post I continue my habit of sharing stories that seem to suggest useful glimpses of the future.  They’re drawn from my obsessive horizon scanning. Let’s take a look into autonomous vehicles, cloud computing, plutocrats, social media, and state … Continue reading

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Three more hints from the future

Today I’d like to continue my practice of sharing news stories that seem especially future-significant.  It’s part of horizon scanning.  (Check this article for an introduction.) For each story I’ll include a quick description, some supporting links, and a brisk … Continue reading

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This week's pair of science fiction technologies phasing into everyday life: robots and rockets

This week two more science fiction technologies entered our world in a big way.  This time they are robots and rockets. First, robots: an Estonian company is about to trial its delivery bots in Washington, DC.  Starship Technologies has built … Continue reading

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Two more science fiction technologies became real this week

Sometimes the twenty-first century feels like science fiction.  Let me share two stories from this week that show previously speculative technologies entering everyday life. First, the United States Department of Transportation issued regulatory guidelines for autonomous cars.  That means the … Continue reading

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Two small examples of technologies emerging

Last month I shared two little but interesting examples of new technologies. Today’s I’ll offer another pair. ITEM #1: some virtual reality gear is rapidly becoming more accessible.  In July my wife and I participated in the fine NYSCIO conference, … Continue reading

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A snapshot of non-dramatic campus economic pressure

Let me share some stories about higher education from this week.  These aren’t technology stories, not futuristic accounts.  Instead each anecdote illustrates the enormous financial pressures squeezing most of American colleges and universities. buy cymbalta online buy cymbalta no prescription … Continue reading

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