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Climate change changes students: one story

This week I’m revising my climate change book manuscript.  Various chapters are in the hands of some thoughtful and generous readers, helping me hone the text.  I’m about to smoosh all of the pieces into a single, staggering Word doc … Continue reading

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The United Nations publishes a climate report; I ask a question

Greetings from the start of fall in the northern hemisphere.  Here in northeastern Virginia temperatures are oscillating, giving us alternating glimpses of summer and autumn.  The cats are not entirely pleased, suspecting that humans have, once again, failed to arrange … Continue reading

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Reading the new IPCC climate crisis report: part 1

Today we’ll start our reading of the new IPCC climate report. In this post you’ll find a summary of the “Summary for Policymakers,” along with questions, observations, and some resources.  We’re following the online reading plan laid out here. 1: … Continue reading

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Read the IPCC climate change report with us!

Yesterday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published a major set of reports about the climate crisis. These are very important documents for the topic, and so I’d like to host an online reading and discussion of them with … Continue reading

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Should higher education advance or oppose geoengineering?

As the climate crisis deepens, geoengineering options are in the air.  My question for today is: should academia support and advance geoengineering research, development, and deployment, or should higher education do its best to resist any such efforts? To explain: … Continue reading

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Will humanity take these decarbonizing steps this year? The Lynas choice

Today, July 15th, the Sunrise Movement is organizing a national action in the United States.  Its aim: to pressure the Biden administration to take more serious steps about the climate crisis. In line with that call, I’d like to pose … Continue reading

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Heat domes, low-density campuses, and what we can do: two excellent readings

As I write this post two major crises are hitting the world in ways which bear closely on higher education’s future. Across the world very high, even extraordinarily steep temperatures are striking certain regions from Siberia to Canada, causing humanitarian … Continue reading

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A leaked climate report and what it could mean for higher education

Life on Earth can recover from a drastic climate shift by evolving into new species and creating new ecosystems. Humans cannot. Every few years the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues reports on the climate crisis.  These documents are … Continue reading

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The 2021 Earth Day summit and higher education

Starting tomorrow, Earth Day, the president of the United States will host an international summit about climate change.  Joe Biden will announce new American greenhouse gas targets and there are opportunities for negotiations and deals, possibly brokered by the US. … Continue reading

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Higher education and climate change: a snapshot of this month’s developments

How climate change may impact higher education: as I write more of Universities on Fire new developments and stories keep crossing my research radar. Let me share several as a glimpse of the topic from the past few weeks. ITEM: … Continue reading

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