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On being a futurist

Campus Technology just published an article of mine about my futures work and methods.  I introduce trend analysis, environmental scanning, scenarios, and science fiction, then tie it all together with practical tips for campus technology offices. I admit to loving … Continue reading

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The 21st century is a new Gilded Age observes Swiss bank, who should know

What does the world look like when the superrich take off from the rest of us?  A new study by Swiss banking giant UBS gives us a glimpse. UBS has been conducting a regular survey of billionaires for some time.  … Continue reading

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What participants think of the Future Trends Forum

Last month I fired up a survey for people who’ve participated in the Future Trends Forum.  I did this to get a better sense of what participants value, and to collaboratively develop the Forum into its third (!) year.  In … Continue reading

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The next five Future Trends Forum sessions

Greetings, Future Trends Forum friends! I’d like to announce guests for next week and also the entire month of December.  We’re actually scheduling as far out as February 2018, and I wanted to give you all a heads-up about our … Continue reading

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Reading _Weapons of Math Destruction_, the final chapters

With this post we conclude our reading of Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction.  (If you’d like to catch up with the reading schedule, click here.  All posts for this reading, including the schedule one, are grouped here.) Here I’ll summarize … Continue reading

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Into the future with air travel dystopia

Recently I’ve been thinking about air travel, dystopia, and the future. Yes, it’s natural for anyone flying in the United States* to think of dystopia, given our system’s combination of misanthropic service, grim airports, overcrowding, a military-like mix of rushing … Continue reading

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Now comes the call for wealthy countries to make more babies

(Yes, I’m back in the bloghouse.  I’ve traveled thousands of miles so far this month, and am catching up.) Over the past two weeks two interesting opinion pieces appeared, calling for families in certain nations to make more, not few, … Continue reading

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