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Universal basic income: Bruce Sterling imagines the rest of the 21st century

How might universal basic income play out, if we choose to adopt it as a way to restructure our economy and society?  Cyberpunk writer, journalist, and killer speech-giver Bruce Sterling dove into some possibilities at the close of this year’s … Continue reading

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The Patreon project, two months in

Two months ago I launched a Patreon campaign to support my future of education work.  I’d like to share some thoughts on how it’s gone so far, since readers know I’ve been committed since 2013 to making my professional work … Continue reading

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Mapping the geography of academic attainment

Which populations have what level of educational attainment?  Put another way, how does academic achievement spread out across a population? Kyle Walker (TCU) has mapped out the entire continental United States by degree level.  The results are fascinating, offering keen … Continue reading

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The extractive democracy in 2017 and beyond

Two years ago I wrote about extractive democracy.  I used the term to describe America’s recently acquired habit of extracting wealth from the poorest of us, in order to shift those monies to the wealthiest, using mechanisms of state.  I cast … Continue reading

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When should video replace discussion boards?

Should we transform discussion boards from text to video?  What would we lose or gain when students converse through video recordings instead of written comments? Jeffrey Young raises this prospect in a provocative EdSurge article. Joyce Valenza, an assistant teaching professor … Continue reading

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What is LBRY and what does it mean for education?

Last week I learned that a new technology platform lacking any vowels in its name had copied Berkeley’s soon-to-be-removed lecture recordings and re-published them on its own network, or space, or blockchain.  The Berkeley story is important, and I hope to … Continue reading

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Tennessee liberal arts college to drastically shrink

A Tennessee liberal arts college is drastically cutting back on staff, faculty, and programs. Dominican Aquinas College was once a “normal school”, focused on teaching teachers, and will become one once more, shedding its liberal arts undergrad and postgrad programs: Then on … Continue reading

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