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One datapoint on widening income inequality in education: Dollar Store is rocking

How do we know income and wealth inequality is soaring in the United States? I’ve been tracking this vital trend for years, largely by following a variety of research efforts that approach the topic from multiple angles, methods, and datasets. … Continue reading

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A good resource for campus sustainability conversations

Over the past decade I’ve been writing about the many ways academic institutions are responding to the multiple challenges they face.  One of the themes running through these accounts is problematic communication within a campus.  Time and again faculty, administrators, … Continue reading

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What do campus trustees think about the future of higher education?

One of the ways I analyze the future of higher education is by looking into attitudes studies.  These projects investigate what certain key populations think about academia.   We can consider them a kind of higher education sociology, or a glimpse … Continue reading

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“Slaughterbots”: drones, some futures, and education

It’s a vision of a possible future.  Tiny, friendly-looking drones fly out of a truck and buzz across a college campus.  There they work their individual ways into a classroom and explode against several students, killing them. What? That’s a … Continue reading

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Two more ed tech organizations come out swinging for net neutrality

What does the impending FCC shift away from net neutrality mean for education and technology? Yesterday I posted my interview with EDUCAUSE’s policy director.  Jarret Cummings explained that organization’s position in favor of net neutrality. Today the Chronicle of Higher … Continue reading

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Update: EDUCAUSE responds to the FCC’s new net neutrality policy move

What should higher education do about the United States FCC‘s upcoming move against net neutrality? To get a handle on this question I interviewed Jarret Cummings, the director of policy and government relations for EDUCAUSE.  Jarret was very generous with his … Continue reading

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Getting the future wrong: my bad forecasts

It’s essential for futurists to analyze their own forecasting work over time.  We check to see how we can improve our skills and understanding by looking back at how we looked ahead. It sounds obvious, and it is obvious within … Continue reading

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