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Where automation actually occurs

How will automation change the world? One way of answering that question is to explore where automation occurs.  As an example, here’s a fascinating map of industrial robots’ distribution across the United States from Axios, based on a Brookings report. You … Continue reading

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Launching the new NMC digital literacy report today

Today a research project I’ve been working on for several months will be released. The New Media Consortium has organized a new report on digital literacy.  It’s a sequel and expansion to its 2016 report, which I also contributed to. … Continue reading

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Today on the Future Trends Forum: Charlottesville and education

Today we’re attempting another Future Trends Forum experiment.  Once again we will focus on discussion, and not center it around a guest. Instead, we’re going to talk about Charlottesville and what it means for education. In light of current events, … Continue reading

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One college will close its entire undergraduate program

A Detroit campus has gone far beyond the queen sacrifice, announcing enormous cuts to its operations.  Marygrove College will end all undergraduate programs next year, leaving only its graduate school.  That means axing about one half of the institution, at least … Continue reading

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How not to write about YouTube and politics

Video continues to grow into a massive 21st century digital medium, and YouTube is becoming something like humanity’s leading shared meeting and storytelling place.  Digital video’s scale and rapid growth curve make it difficult to apprehend at times, which means … Continue reading

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Visualizing where Americans graduate from

Here’s a good visualization of how demographics are changing education.  Two Hechinger authors, Isaac Carey and Jon Marcus, built a good map based on WICHE data: This charts projected high school grads for 2031, based on current demographics and graduation … Continue reading

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What happened to public higher ed? Reading Chris Newfield’s essential new book

The Great Mistake is one of the most important and useful books about higher education this decade. (That’s one reason I was delighted to get the author onto our weekly videoconference discussion, the Future Trends Forum. Here’s the session.) The … Continue reading

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