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The shock of the old: still living in the 20th century

Yesterday I wrote about a day in the life of a futurist like me.  At the post’s end I wonder about the most futuristic parts of the day, and the least. As I worked on that post, off and on … Continue reading

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A day in the life of a futurist

People often ask what I do as an educational futurist.  As one answer I thought I’d share a kind of diary, to give a sense of the practical work and life. 6:30 am – rise later than usual, due to … Continue reading

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Improving a campus without growth: Matt Reed’s excellent and difficult challenge

What if your college or university isn’t going to grow, and you can’t cut your way to sustainability?  What do you do then?  Community college dean and Inside Higher Ed commentator Matt Reed posed this hard challenge in a couple of … Continue reading

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My next Devil’s Dictionary: a call for nominations

In 2016 we satirized educational technology keywords through a Devil’s Dictionary (part 1, part 2).  Now I’d like to tackle the words of education beyond ed tech.  Which vocabulary would you like to see skewered? I have assembled a first list, … Continue reading

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Talking about a new higher education startup

Last week I was on a podcast discussion about a new higher ed startup.  MissionU offers an interesting mix of apprenticeship, funding, timeline, and ethos.  Jeff Young wrote it up earlier this month, interviewing both myself and my friend Gardner … Continue reading

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Rogue approaches to scholarly communication

This week I’m participating in the Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI) conference in the Washington, DC area.   I was active in the first OSI meeting last year, and am looking forward to this one.  Hopefully I’ll tweet events and reflections … Continue reading

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Americans versus the future

For a country that prides itself on invention and innovation, Americans actually don’t think very much about the future.  That’s the conclusion of a new survey (pdf) by the Institute for the Future (IFTF). Let me pull out some key … Continue reading

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