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One path forward for public higher education: ending in-state tuition discounts

American public universities traditionally offer two very different prices for students: one for those coming from other states, and a much cheaper one for those who live in-state.  Is it possible to consider another model, a scenario where campuses end … Continue reading

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How plutocracy works in America: the DEA-opioid story

When does a modern democracy function as a plutocracy?  A recent Washington Post/60 Minutes investigation (video) offers one disturbing case study from the present day. It alleges that the pharmaceutical industry successfully prevented the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) from … Continue reading

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_Weapons of Math Destruction_, part 1

With this post we commence our reading of Cathy O’Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction.  (If you’d like to catch up with the reading schedule, click here.) Here I’ll summarize this week’s chapters, then offer some discussion questions. But first, some book … Continue reading

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Multiple mergers ahead for the University of Wisconsin system

In the most spectacular recent example of the higher education crisis driving campus mergers, the University of Wisconsin system will fold a group of two-year colleges into nearby universities, according to a new plan.   Thirteen (13) campuses will merge with … Continue reading

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What should we do next with the Future Trends Forum?

We launched the Future Trends Forum in early February 2016.  Since then we’ve engaged nearly 2,000 participants and produced nearly 100 sessions.  What should we do next? I asked this question in the summer of 2016, and the responses were … Continue reading

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From Trump to mobile to Blade Runner: several recent projects on the web from me and other folks

This week a series of projects and pieces I’ve worked on appeared on the web.  Better yet, other people have responded with their own work.  I’d like to bring them all together for one blog post. Some of you know … Continue reading

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Generations: thoughts on Blade Runner 2049

We watched Blade Runner 2049 last night and were mystified.  It was hard to pin down our overall reactions.  Yes, the film was gorgeous, my children and I agreed, but was it any good?  What was it getting at?  What … Continue reading

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