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A Devil’s Dictionary of Educational Technology

In the dark and satirical spirit of Ambrose Bierce, I offer the first draft of a Devil’s Dictionary for educational technology terms.  May it entertain, and all be forgiven. App, n.  An elegant way to avoid the World Wide Web. … Continue reading

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What should we ask Google’s education evangelist tomorrow?

This Thursday I’m excited to host a terrific guest on the Future Trends Forum. He’s Google’s education evangelist, Jaime Casap. Jaime focuses on the links between social justice, technology, access, and education.  In addition to those issues, I plan on asking … Continue reading

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Two more science fiction technologies became real this week

Sometimes the twenty-first century feels like science fiction.  Let me share two stories from this week that show previously speculative technologies entering everyday life. First, the United States Department of Transportation issued regulatory guidelines for autonomous cars.  That means the … Continue reading

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American tv “news” networks look blearily at the mirror and swear to change, for real this time

Media coverage of the 2016 American presidential campaign has become so terrible that even tv “news” people are starting to question themselves.  They worry that the relentless pursuit of ratings has led them to abandon journalistic principle, and maybe even … Continue reading

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As the election starts to go off the rails: reading _Infomocracy_

A major election sees chaos creeping in, and a sense of mingled panic and dread is in the air.  Of course I’m talking about the near future of Infomocracy, as our reading continues. Right now I’m halfway in. With this post … Continue reading

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Considering one spectacular black swan for education

How would educators respond in case of one black swan event: the internet going down? I don’t mean when a local provider has issues, or if one’s institution is based in a rural area, or when a campus goes offline for … Continue reading

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Here’s a wild thought: states could help the poorest colleges and universities

How can America help students complete undergraduate degrees?  The “completion agenda” (for example) has driven a lot of discussion and experimentation of late, especially as the student loan debt crisis (which especially hurts those don’t get a degree) continues. Bridget Terry … Continue reading

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