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From 2023 to 2024: a growing academic civil war

2023 is nearly done, for which many people are no doubt thankful. In several blog posts I’d like to look back at the year before it’s over to identify some trends which look likely to shape 2024. Today’s topic is … Continue reading

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Preparing my gaming and education class for spring 2024

Next month I’m starting one of my favorite classes, and I wanted to share the draft syllabus with you all.  It’s the gaming and higher education seminar for Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program and I’m very excited about … Continue reading

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Leading DEI work on campus during a nationwide backlash

Last week we hosted University of Texas senior vice provost, dean, and professor Richard J. Reddick on the Future Trends Forum.  He’s the author of the recent book Restorative Resistance in Higher Education (Harvard Education Press). We discussed how to do … Continue reading

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Some student loan holders begin payment, while others do not

Earlier this year the Biden administration ended a series of student loan repayment pauses and restarted the debt payment process.  How is it going so far? According to the Department of Education, 60% of debt holders have resumed or started … Continue reading

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Naming our time: some new terms to try on

What should we call our time? I’ve been looking at answers for this question for a while.  Beyond nullities like “the 2020s” no label has really emerged.  It’s been hard to settle on a handy word or phrase which summarizes … Continue reading

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America and China’s big ask for higher education: on the Sunnylands statement

Last month Chinese and United States leaders met in the San Francisco area. It was a major diplomatic meeting for the world’s largest geopolitical struggle. Many developments emerged from this event, yet I want to draw your attention to a … Continue reading

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Come study with me at Georgetown University

It’s that time.  Yes, it’s the time of year when I invite people to study in the program where I teach. Are you interested in education and technology?  Is the future of higher education a major focus for you?  Then … Continue reading

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Undergraduate completion rates stabilize; one third of students don’t finish college in under six years

How long does it take for a student to finish college?  How many students don’t complete a certificate or undergraduate degree? Today the National Student Clearinghouse published a new study, looking at students who started post-secondary classes in 2016. I’ll … Continue reading

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How to support an independent higher education futurist on Giving Tuesday

Today is Giving Tuesday, an American-invented day to encourage people to support good causes. If you think what I do is such a cause, I’d like to encourage you to support this work. To explain: my work concerns the future … Continue reading

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Some critical readings on AI for my graduate students: an updated reading list

Earlier this month I blogged about finding good readings about AI for one of my graduate seminars.  I listed a few, then blegged for more. In response, folks were very generous.  Suggestions flooded in through the comments, then also by … Continue reading

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