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Thinking about the future of the web

How might the web change? Today I’m giving a speech to the Reclaim conference in Virginia, and was asked by the mad Jim Groom to help them envision futures of the world wide web. Naturally I asked SlidesGPT to create … Continue reading

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Climate change: another week of a ratcheting up crisis

I’m writing this post in between a series of projects in various stages of deadlines.  Publishing the June FTTE report, getting ready to head out to the Reclaim conference, organizing a stack of in-person and virtual speaking engagements into next … Continue reading

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Looking ahead 200 years: another age of epic growth

What will humanity do next, after two centuries of extraordinary growth? Last week I asked this futures question, starting off by introducing the incredible boom humanity experience after around 1800 and continuing through the present day. I then offered one … Continue reading

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What does the future look like if humanity shrinks, instead of grows?

Greetings from a pleasant long May weekend in northeastern Virginia.  There’s a holiday on Monday, which makes these three days a good time for reflection.  (Also work, but that’s a different matter.). I’ve been working on a project sub rosa … Continue reading

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Two stories of campuses doing something about climate change

Just a short post today, sharing two positive stories about academic institutions taking concrete action about climate change. ITEM: in Illinois, Loyola University Chicago is re-sourcing its electrical power to a renewable provider.  Loyala will purchase power from a nascent … Continue reading

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American higher education enrollment decline returns to pre-pandemic level

How is higher education enrollment changing? This week the invaluable National Student Clearinghouse Research Center published their latest data on American college and university enrollment. Today I’ll summarize the findings, then point to implications for academia’s future. tl;dr summary – … Continue reading

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Some large-scale decisions we can make about AI in 2023

In my current work on forecasting the intersection of AI and higher ed, I’ve been running into an interesting problem.  Well, several, but today I’d like to share a structural one, caught between futures thinking and where AI is right … Continue reading

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Americans’ religious beliefs in transformation: new research

How is religious belief changing, and what does this mean for the future? The Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) has published new findings about American religious behavior, and the results are fascinating.  “Religion and Congregations in a Time of Social … Continue reading

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New York announces a climate change campus

How might higher education respond to the climate crisis? One answer to this very large question is for a given campus to expand its academic teaching on the topic, across the curriculum.  A second answer involves expanding a college or … Continue reading

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When will the first university or college charge $100,000 per year?

When will the first American college or university charge $100,000 or more to attend? What might that mean for higher education? I first asked this question back in 2018.  I wanted to use that psychologically important six figure price as … Continue reading

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