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One gaming design exercise in a seminar

Last week I tried a new exercise in my gaming seminar, and wanted to post about it because it went well and might be useful.  I’d also like to build on the exercise. To recap: at this point in the … Continue reading

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Heading to ASU-GSV 2024

Greetings from airportland.  I write this waiting to board a United Flight to San Diego, where I’m scheduled to participate in the ASU-GSV conference. It’s my first time there, in fact. Yes, yes, I’ve heard all the hype and the … Continue reading

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Watching _Civil War_: impressions and disappointment

We just saw the new movie Civil War. Afterwards the audience filed out in silence, perhaps stunned.  Our group talked about it energetically, then hit the internet for more, and hence this post. This post also assumed you’ve seen the … Continue reading

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How will the FAFSA debacle impact colleges and universities this fall?

Over the past year the United States federal government has been revising its FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) system.  Unfortunately, its rollout over the past few months has been chaotic.  Delays, errors, more delays, having to redo applications, … Continue reading

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Universities on Fire, one year later: glimpsing the present and a hopeful future

One year ago Johns Hopkins University Press published my book on the future of higher education and the climate crisis, Universities on Fire.  Today I wanted to look back on the book’s progress in the world, how academics and others … Continue reading

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March is the cruelest month: more academic cuts and closures

Some days I feel like I’m live-blogging my new book across a bunch of web browser tabs.  That is, I’m working on Peak Higher Education in several web browsers across three machines, with tabs open to Google Docs, an RSS … Continue reading

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John Oliver’s student loan crisis update

Nearly a decade ago the comedian John Oliver took on student loans on his remarkably pedagogical show.  It was a good, bracing overview of the problem as it stood then. This week Oliver returned to the theme.  I wanted to … Continue reading

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More academic cuts in early 2024

On March 1st I posted about a series of colleges and universities closing and merging, along with cuts to academic programs, faculty, and staff. The post attracted some attention.  Publicly, people commented on the blog, commented on the Medium version, … Continue reading

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Four years of a vegan diet

What’s it like to eat a vegan diet for some years? For most of my life I was a serious carnivore, eating lots of meat and animal products.  Yet in late 2019 I experimented with eating a partially vegan diet.  … Continue reading

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Starting my new book project: Peak Higher Education

Greetings from somewhere over the United States.  I’m flying from DC to LA, and will take this lofty moment to announce my next book project. I introduced the peak higher education concept way back in 2013.  It was a scenario … Continue reading

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