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Some podcasts I’m listening to in January 2021

What podcasts are good to listen to? I’ve been listening to podcasts since their first wave, after the term was coined in 2004. Now, during their second wave, this golden age of podcasts, I like to learn about interesting programs … Continue reading

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Some podcasts I’m listening to in 2019

Every year or so I recommend some podcasts that I’ve been listening to.  Since today is International Podcast Day, it seems a good time to issue a blog post update.  (previous posts: 2018, 2017, early 2016, mid-2016, 2015, and 2013) … Continue reading

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Some podcasts I’m listening to in 2018

It’s been too long since I last wrote about podcasts. Last March I shared what was occupying my phone’s Stitcher client.  A few months before that came a list of some then-recent podcasts.  Two years ago this month (!) I … Continue reading

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Podcasts I'm listening to this month

As your weekend kicks in, perhaps you’ll listen to digital audio.  Maybe podcasts are lined up for your listening delights. To recommend some, let me list what’s currently on my phone and desktop aural rotation. (I did this more than … Continue reading

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What futures work should I do in 2017? Podcasts, games, Twitter storms, and the specter of FOE

I have two big decisions to make, looking ahead to 2017.  Both are about the various future of education and technology media content projects I run, including the FTTE report and the Future Trends Forum.  I’m blogging here to brainstorm … Continue reading

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More fine podcasts from 2016

My podcast habit continues to grow.  I’ve already described my playlist as of January.  Today I’d like to add some more podcasts, new to me, for your aural delectation. I’ve organized this group of ten by the headers used in … Continue reading

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I am all over the media this week, in podcasts and video

Recently I’ve been ramping up my digital media work, between the Forum and some digital storytelling.  At the same time other people have been including me in their productions, which has been exciting, productive, and a lot of fun. For … Continue reading

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Fine podcasts for 2016: a mega-list of what I’m listening to

2015 saw a rebirth of interest in podcasts, and 2016 may well see an even larger podcast world.  This is very exciting, and heartening to long-time podcast obsessives like myself. In that spirit let me share which podcasts I’m listening … Continue reading

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Great podcasts from late 2015

The new wave of podcasts continues to roll along, offering new audio stories. Let’s get beyond Serial and look at some recent storytelling projects.  I’ll introduce and sketch these out, and will save deeper analysis for another time. In May … Continue reading

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Podcasts I’m listening to

Podcasts are a thriving, powerful, yet underappreciated sector of digital media.  Here’s a list of some of the podcasts I currently listen to for my work and/or entertainment, broken down by rough categories: history and culture, education, technology and science, … Continue reading

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