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Starting my new book project: Peak Higher Education

Greetings from somewhere over the United States.  I’m flying from DC to LA, and will take this lofty moment to announce my next book project. I introduced the peak higher education concept way back in 2013.  It was a scenario … Continue reading

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Academia after peak higher education

What happens to colleges and universities after peak higher education? Some background: five years ago I introduced the peak higher ed idea with a blog post.  Inspired by other peak discussions (peak car, peak sand, peak oil, etc.) I applied the … Continue reading

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Peak higher education, 4 years later

Four years ago  yes, way back in 2013 – I first wrote about the peak higher education concept.  Let’s see how it holds up. To refresh your memory: this idea began as a blog post where I laid out the … Continue reading

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Peak higher education hits Bloomberg

Bloomberg News caught on to the peak higher education idea this week.  They offer a different term, “the college contraction“, and add some excited language: Small U.S. Colleges Battle Death Spiral The article does a fine job of summarizing trends. … Continue reading

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Signs of peak higher education: the return of vo tech

How does America’s education system change, if we just passed peak higher ed?  One response might be a return to vocational technology curricula. Consider: if the college world is starting to shrink, how will people learn skills for careers? The … Continue reading

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Have we reached peak higher education?

Inside Higher Ed published my essay entitled Has Higher Ed Peaked?  In it I raise the idea of applying peak models to the entire sector of American higher education.  It’s a think piece, a provocation. Yes, it sprang from last year’s … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky sees the peak of higher education

In a recent blog post Clay Shirky argues that higher education’s economic model has broken.  Shirky offers the title “The End of Higher Education’s Golden Age”, describing a fine past (roughly 1950-1975) and its decline by degrees (1975-2004). I made … Continue reading

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Preparing my gaming and education class for spring 2024

Next month I’m starting one of my favorite classes, and I wanted to share the draft syllabus with you all.  It’s the gaming and higher education seminar for Georgetown University’s Learning, Design, and Technology program and I’m very excited about … Continue reading

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America and China’s big ask for higher education: on the Sunnylands statement

Last month Chinese and United States leaders met in the San Francisco area. It was a major diplomatic meeting for the world’s largest geopolitical struggle. Many developments emerged from this event, yet I want to draw your attention to a … Continue reading

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Higher education trends: live-blogging a Gartner update

This morning I’m live-blogging a conference panel on higher education’s future.  The session is titled “Higher Education Trends, Predictions, Themes, and Future Scenarios” and the venue is the 2023 EDUCAUSE conference in Chicago. I’m live-blogging it, old school.  So there … Continue reading

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