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Academia after peak higher education

What happens to colleges and universities after peak higher education? Some background: five years ago I introduced the peak higher ed idea with a blog post.  Inspired by other peak discussions (peak car, peak sand, peak oil, etc.) I applied the … Continue reading

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Peak higher education, 4 years later

Four years ago  yes, way back in 2013 – I first wrote about the peak higher education concept.  Let’s see how it holds up. To refresh your memory: this idea began as a blog post where I laid out the … Continue reading

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Peak higher education hits Bloomberg

Bloomberg News caught on to the peak higher education idea this week.  They offer a different term, “the college contraction“, and add some excited language: Small U.S. Colleges Battle Death Spiral The article does a fine job of summarizing trends. … Continue reading

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Signs of peak higher education: the return of vo tech

How does America’s education system change, if we just passed peak higher ed?  One response might be a return to vocational technology curricula. Consider: if the college world is starting to shrink, how will people learn skills for careers? The … Continue reading

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Have we reached peak higher education?

Inside Higher Ed published my essay entitled Has Higher Ed Peaked?  In it I raise the idea of applying peak models to the entire sector of American higher education.  It’s a think piece, a provocation. Yes, it sprang from last year’s … Continue reading

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Clay Shirky sees the peak of higher education

In a recent blog post Clay Shirky argues that higher education’s economic model has broken.  Shirky offers the title “The End of Higher Education’s Golden Age”, describing a fine past (roughly 1950-1975) and its decline by degrees (1975-2004). I made … Continue reading

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Higher ed and climate change: the end of academic conferences as we know them

Since I started researching climate change and higher education‘s future I’ve participated in and witnessed many discussions about the topic.  In person and online, academia seems to be increasingly interested in exploring what climate change means for colleges and universities. … Continue reading

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American higher education enrollment declines again, continuing a nearly decade-long trend

The number of students enrolled in American higher education declined again, according to National Student Clearinghouse data.  When I say “again” that refers to the fact that total enrollment has dropped for eight years, semester by semester.  (I’ve been tracking … Continue reading

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Two stories for climate change and higher education

How will climate change impact the future of higher education? In this post I’ll share two news stories that I think are useful prompts for this futures work, each in some different ways.  Both are behind paywalls, so I’ll summarize … Continue reading

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Talking higher education on the Disruptors podcast

A few weeks ago I was interviewed on the Disruptors podcast, and the show just went live. Matt Ward took us on a whirlwind tour through administrative growth, adjunctification, why higher ed is expensive, the Bennet hypothesis, too many students, … Continue reading

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