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Another queen sacrifice: Castleton University in Vermont

The queen sacrifice remains in practice among American campuses.  This week’s practitioner is Vermont’s Castleton University, a public liberal arts institution founded in 1787 that is now considering cuts and layoffs. VermontBiz reports that Castleton is facing “a projected operating loss of … Continue reading

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Down with that new-fangled technology: a Vermont anecdote

This morning it was around -10 °F (-23 °C) before the sun rose: It’s been colder, but rarely so bright at night.  Yet that’s not the anecdote I wanted to share. A few days ago Vermont Public Radio shared a … Continue reading

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An anecdote about health care, uneven technology use, and Vermont

I was in a central Vermont hospital waiting room yesterday.  Around the large room ten people were quietly sitting. Then an older woman was wheeled in from surgery of some kind, looking good, if tired. She stared at the room, then loudly … Continue reading

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Vermont governor Scott's historic broadband mistake

Vermont’s new governor has given his first budget address. It is, among other things, bad news for our state’s broadband situation. Our internet speeds tend to be low, which is typical for a rural American state. For several years Montpelier … Continue reading

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Homestead's end: starting to sell our house in Vermont and what it means

After lunch Ceredwyn, Hestia, and I walked around the house.  It was unusually warm for this time of year, 39°F or about 4℃.   The skies were gray, and some mist rose up from surviving snowpiles.  It felt a bit like … Continue reading

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Lame broadband is a direct hit on Vermont's livelihood

(Just published this on VT Digger) Now that the 2016 election is over and we’re looking forward to the near future, we should consider one Vermont issue that hasn’t received a lot of attention. Rural internet connectivity is not doing … Continue reading

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Offline in Vermont, again

So my house and family are cut off from the internet.  Again. It’s actually the second day we’re been offline, and Fairpoint, the utility company, can’t get us back online for a third. Let me explain. My family lives in … Continue reading

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Teenagers 3d printing local history: technology, pedagogy, and inspiration in Vermont

Recently I was invited to help judge a 3d printing contest for my state’s middle and high schools.  So this past Friday I drove across and down the Green Mountains to Randolph, where Vermont Technical College is based.  It was an exciting … Continue reading

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How can my state of Vermont attract younger people to live here?

How can my state of Vermont attract greater numbers of younger people? I’d like to kick off a discussion with this post.  I’m not an expert in the issue, but am learning fast, and hope to learn more, with an … Continue reading

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Vermont college cuts staff, adjuncts, classes

Lyndon State College announced a series of cuts this week, responding to all too common challenges in today’s higher education. The Vermont campus starts by laying off five administrators.  Then the reductions continue: Lyndon State will not reappoint some of its … Continue reading

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