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Imagining higher education after three COVID years

What happens if we don’t have a COVID-19 vaccine by early 2021?  Or 2022?  In other words, what might the world look like if the pandemic continues at around the present level for several years? Last week I used this … Continue reading

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A wave of American protests: where are we headed?

What happens next in America, after the events of the past few days? Personally, I have followed developments with a mix of horror, dismay, admiration, and dread.  I have not participated in face to face protests, from fear of COVID-19 … Continue reading

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A new virus appears in the world

What might we anticipate from the Wuhan coronavirus?  What does a futures perspective bring to the table? This is a very risky topic to address, naturally.  The outbreak is ongoing.  Data is often provisional or suspect.  Multiple layers of privacy, … Continue reading

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When a campus merger falls apart

For years I’ve been forecasting more mergers in higher education. I never said they’d be easy to do. Case in point: this summer I noted that Marlboro College in Vermont agreed to merge with the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut.   … Continue reading

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An illustrative story about public higher education funding

When people consider the decline of state support for public higher education, it’s commonplace to hear calls to reverse that trend.  What’s rare is to hear people describing plans for how such a fine reversal could occur. I suspect it’s … Continue reading

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Reading the Age of Surveillance Capitalism: chapters 17 and 18

Our online book club is coming to the end of Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. Today we’re covering chapters 17: The Right to Sanctuary, and 18: A Coup from Above. In this post I’ll summarize the chapters, then … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the latest college admission and athletics scandal

This week the FBI arrested a bunch of wealthy people and their helpers for corrupting the admissions process of several elite colleges and universities.  As the Washington Post put it, the alleged perps were “part of a long-running scheme to … Continue reading

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Twitter and Tear Gas: part one of our book club’s reading

Our online bookclub is reading Zeynep Tufekci’s Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest.  With this post we discuss the Preface, Introduction, and chapter 1, “A Networked Public.” In this post I’ll briefly summarize the text, then … Continue reading

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Ten years after the financial meltdown: what did it mean for education and the future?

Ten years ago this month the American economy suffered its worst financial crisis in nearly a century.  Problems had been building through the previous year, but in September 2008 things came to a head with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and … Continue reading

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New York 2140: part four

Today we continue our online book club‘s reading of Kim Stanley Robinson’s New York 2140.*  We’re discussing the last two parts: “The More the Merrier” and “The Comedy of the Commons.”  Please join us in reading! (If you’d like more information on the … Continue reading

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