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Powerwall progress

I’d like to update you on our Powerwall experiment, and there’s a special reason I’m doing so at this moment. EDITED TO ADD: update at the end of this post. We’ve had the giant battery attached to our house since … Continue reading

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The Tesla Powerwall fails: life as an early adopter

On May 3rd we started using a Tesla Motors Powerwall at home.  The thing is basically a giant battery, used in our case to supply electricity when grid power fails.  We live in a remote location and power comes via … Continue reading

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Experimenting with a new technology: PowerWall

Over the years I’ve enjoyed experimenting with new technologies as they appear.  Which is appropriate for a futurist.  This week we started another such pilot, and I wanted to blog about it. We now have a Tesla PowerWall installed in … Continue reading

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Reasons to be optimistic about the future in 2017

What cheers me up in mid-2017? The nature of my work means I have to spend a great deal of time with grim stuff.  In looking hard at the future of education I study (among other things): rising income inequality, … Continue reading

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