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America and China’s big ask for higher education: on the Sunnylands statement

Last month Chinese and United States leaders met in the San Francisco area. It was a major diplomatic meeting for the world’s largest geopolitical struggle. Many developments emerged from this event, yet I want to draw your attention to a … Continue reading

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How might American academia respond to rising tensions with China?

What does the growing struggle between the United States and China mean for higher education? Here I’d like to continue my exploration of the question. This post is a direct follow up on my last one. For more on the … Continue reading

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US-China tensions continue and academia is very involved

Last weekend I participated in a simulation game about a potential US-China-Taiwan conflict. It was very well done, created and hosted most ably by a group of George Washington University students. Nearly 10 bright folks ran the show as facilitators … Continue reading

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What role will academia play if the US-China conflict escalates?

What will happen to American academia if tensions between China and the United States escalate? I’d like to explore this through a recently released intelligence community report, but should preface it with an introduction. Increasing US-China tensions is a possibility … Continue reading

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The Trump administration considers adding emerging tech and academia to the China trade war

Will the American trade war with China expand to include cutting-edge technology research?  If so, how will that impact colleges and universities? This is a tricky topic, so I’m going to break it down as follows: first, a summary of … Continue reading

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Notes on China: possible threats to American higher education

How will developments in US-China relations impact those nations’ higher education systems? My readers and listeners know that China has played a key part in American academia’s expansion into international markets.  I’ve drawn attention to the recent growth in the … Continue reading

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A futurist decarbonizes his professional travel in 2024: problems and options

How can we travel without contributing to global warming? I’ve been considering this problem for a while at the institutional and macro levels, as I researched climate change and higher education’s future.  I’ve also mulled it for myself, thinking of … Continue reading

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Universities on Fire, one year later: glimpsing the present and a hopeful future

One year ago Johns Hopkins University Press published my book on the future of higher education and the climate crisis, Universities on Fire.  Today I wanted to look back on the book’s progress in the world, how academics and others … Continue reading

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Positive notes on which to start 2024

Greetings 2024! I’d like to greet you with optimism and a story of gifts.  You see, I ended 2023 with some grim posts (1, 2) and would like to balance those out with some of what cheers me up. 2023 … Continue reading

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From 2023 to 2024: academia and climate change

2023 is almost through and we prepare ourselves for 2024. Today I’ll continue my reflections on the two years with an emphasis on one topic.  (Here’s my previous post.) The past year has been the hottest on record, which is … Continue reading

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