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Notes on China: possible threats to American higher education

How will developments in US-China relations impact those nations’ higher education systems? My readers and listeners know that China has played a key part in American academia’s expansion into international markets.  I’ve drawn attention to the recent growth in the … Continue reading

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Hayabusa2 and the unfolding future of space exploration

Yesterday, about 200 million miles from Earth, the JAXA space probe Hayabusa2 (Japanese language site; English language site; Wikipedia) landed two tiny rovers on top of a very small asteroid, 162173 Ryugu. The rovers (named 1A and 1B) are now hopping on Ryugu’s surface, taking photos like this one, and sending them back … Continue reading

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What is the world worrying about in 2018?

A new survey comes from Ipsos, and it’s most illuminating.  Ipsos polled nearly 20,000 people from around the world*, asking them what they’re most worried about. It’s a fascinating idea, trying to get a finger on the world’s pulse. Here … Continue reading

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Which science fiction book should our book club read this summer?

Which science fiction book should our book club read next? The book club (founded in 2014) is all about the future of education and technology.  We read all kinds of nonfiction – the future of universities, sociology, education theory and … Continue reading

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What the Mary Meeker slides mean for the future of education

Last week Mary Meeker published her latest trends report.  It’s gotten a lot of attention, typically; here I’d like to identify what I see as the important findings for the future of education. (If you’re not familiar with this effort, Meeker … Continue reading

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When futuring flops: the case of The Fourth Turning

It’s important for futurists to examine flawed futuring work and learn from it.  I’ve said this before, reflecting on my own forecasting misfires.  I haven’t offered many criticisms of others’ work, largely for reasons of time.  I’d like to start … Continue reading

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Four+ stories about the future of education and technology

Here are some interesting stories which might bear on the future of education and technology.  They touch on virtual reality, web browsers, immigration, web-based classes, tenure, and fear. ITEM: Firefox is working on a browser designed for VR.  Firefox Reality … Continue reading

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The powers of digital literacies: responding to danah boyd and all

How should we best teach digital and media literacy?  How can such teaching respond to today’s politically and technologically polarized milieu? Last week a discussion brewed across Twitter and the blogosphere as several digital literacy people (Benjamin Doxtdator, Maha Bali, … Continue reading

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Robots, buyouts, and spinoffs: four short stories for the future of education and technology

Here I’ll continue my new practice of sharing several short stories from the past week that strike me as connected to important trends.  You can find more of those trends among the others I map at FTTE. ITEM: Amazon’s home … Continue reading

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On global economic inequality: a vital book for education

I wanted to share some thoughts about a recent book, as it bears strongly on the future of education. Branko Milanović’s Global Inequality A New Approach for the Age of Globalization (2016: Amazon) is a major work in current events, forecasting, and economics. … Continue reading

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