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Why do we love aristocracies in the 21st century?

Why do we still love aristocrats? As we stagger through the 21st century, I’m very curious.  Why do we cling to these medieval, even ancient mental, social, and behavioral patterns? Lately I’ve been observing the American obsession with our own … Continue reading

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Equifiasco: what will happen next, and what should we do?

Let’s step back from the future of education for a moment and consider one of the biggest technology stories of the week: the spectacular Equifax hack.   To do so let’s keep thinking about the future, and where this could … Continue reading

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A growing partisan split over American higher education

American attitudes towards higher education are increasingly driven by party politics.  According to new Pew research, Democrats are more likely to like colleges and universities, while Republicans are even more critical of them than they used to be. A majority … Continue reading

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The shock of the old: how Americans actually got election news in 2016

Much discussion about the 2016 American presidential election touched on the role of digital technologies.  Social media and web-based fake news are popular (if partial) explanations of Trump’s victory.  Yet if a new Pew study is right, those sources only … Continue reading

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On that Stanford information literacy study

A Stanford University team won a lot of attention this week by releasing a study on how badly teenagers assess information online.  “Evaluating Information: The Cornerstone of Civic Online Reasoning” examined more than 7,000 students to check their information literacy skills. … Continue reading

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It's time to blow up the tv "town meeting" scam

I have plenty of reactions to last night’s presidential debate (quick list here), but wanted to expand on one in particular in this post. We have to stop doing tv town halls.  We have to stop it now. Because they … Continue reading

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American tv "news" networks look blearily at the mirror and swear to change, for real this time

Media coverage of the 2016 American presidential campaign has become so terrible that even tv “news” people are starting to question themselves.  They worry that the relentless pursuit of ratings has led them to abandon journalistic principle, and maybe even … Continue reading

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American TV news is making you much more afraid than you should be

I’ve been slamming American tv “news” for a while.  Today I’d like to focus on the way CNN, Fox, et al portray crime.  Because their coverage is worse than it was just a few years ago.  And while they’ve been doing … Continue reading

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The vileness of American tv news: a new datapoint

I’ve been criticizing American tv “news” for a while.  Sometimes I think I can avoid the topic… and then more examples just keep pouring in. Today’s story is a good one.  It’s about the rottenness of tv “news” in its approach about … Continue reading

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TV news as a hotline to memory

Yesterday my friend Steven Bragaw posed a terrific question by Twitter.  Thinking it through with other people triggered a lot of memories, then gave me more insight into the problem of American tv “news”. It was actually a question via … Continue reading

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