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CNN produces Gothic horror, and this is a problem

CNN is not good for America.  And I’m not talking about their relationship with Trump. A few weeks ago they ran a story very prominently on their site: “Missouri police officer is dead after 911 call of women screaming”.  That’s … Continue reading

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The future of stupid fears

This post is about fear.  Specifically, about stupid fears.  Those are not the realistic concerns we may have about ill health, economic stress, or living in a war zone. Instead, these  fears are either literally fantastic, as in made up … Continue reading

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Twitter and Tear Gas: part four of our book club’s reading

Our online bookclub is reading Zeynep Tufekci’s Twitter and Tear Gas: The Power and Fragility of Networked Protest.  With this post we discuss Chapters 6: “Platforms and Algorithms” and 7: “Names and Connections.” In this post I’ll briefly summarize the text, then add … Continue reading

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The Trump administration considers adding emerging tech and academia to the China trade war

Will the American trade war with China expand to include cutting-edge technology research?  If so, how will that impact colleges and universities? This is a tricky topic, so I’m going to break it down as follows: first, a summary of … Continue reading

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Hayabusa2 and the unfolding future of space exploration

Yesterday, about 200 million miles from Earth, the JAXA space probe Hayabusa2 (Japanese language site; English language site; Wikipedia) landed two tiny rovers on top of a very small asteroid, 162173 Ryugu. The rovers (named 1A and 1B) are now hopping on Ryugu’s surface, taking photos like this one, and sending them back … Continue reading

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One future for education: health care nation

In 2014 I offered one scenario for education’s future that seems to have a good shot at realization.  I called it “Health Care Nation,” and it presumes that the medical sector becomes the largest part of the American economy. I … Continue reading

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Will the United States experience civil unrest in 2018-2019?

How likely is it that current American political tensions will escalate into civil unrest? I’ve raised this question previously.  As a futurist looking at politics and culture, I first asked the question in late 2016, shortly after Trump’s election, and … Continue reading

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Fascism and imagination: reading _It Can’t Happen Here_ in 2018

Over the past few weeks I reread Sinclair Lewis’ 1935 novel, It Can’t Happen Here.  The book became very popular and discussed before and after Donald Trump’s 2016 election, and, as a literature person, I wanted to see how it might … Continue reading

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The powers of digital literacies: responding to danah boyd and all

How should we best teach digital and media literacy?  How can such teaching respond to today’s politically and technologically polarized milieu? Last week a discussion brewed across Twitter and the blogosphere as several digital literacy people (Benjamin Doxtdator, Maha Bali, … Continue reading

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Why do we love aristocracies in the 21st century?

Why do we still love aristocrats? As we stagger through the 21st century, I’m very curious.  Why do we cling to these medieval, even ancient mental, social, and behavioral patterns? Lately I’ve been observing the American obsession with our own … Continue reading

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