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Campus discount rates keep on rising, and why that matters

Private colleges and universities now offer the highest discount rates in recorded history, according to NACUBO.  What on Earth does this mean, and why does it matter? Tuition discounting describes what students actually pay, rather than what a university’s sticker … Continue reading

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The next stage for the richest universities: attract more rich families

It’s well known that the wealthiest American universities have enormous endowments.  This has actually become a policy topic of late, even a bipartisan one, especially as family income inequality continues to deepen, and as many non-elite colleges and universities struggle … Continue reading

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When education doomsayers aren't grim enough

Recently Inside Higher Ed ran two columns arguing that higher education is in serious trouble.  Their titles proclaimed a very grim analysis: “What Happens If Higher Ed Collapses?” and “The Culling of Higher Ed Begins”.  Both contain useful bits of … Continue reading

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How the university enrollment crisis plays out in summer 2017: two stories

American higher education enrollment has declined for the past half decade.  My readers know this well, as it’s a theme I return to frequently, yet it’s surprising how few college and university discussions really take this trend into account.  Combined … Continue reading

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Towards the future of higher education economics

Yesterday a group of us presented on the future of, well, everything.  Brilliant people spoke to the future of the book, of food, and of work.  In contrast, I gave a short presentation on the future of higher education economics. … Continue reading

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Trends to watch in 2016: education contexts

What can we anticipate about education and technology in 2016?  Trends from 2015 may shed some anticipatory light, if we extrapolate from them. I’m basing this post and successors on my FTTE report.  I’m also inspired in this post by … Continue reading

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When the queen sacrifice isn’t enough, a campus resigns

Today a fine college, a splendid campus where many of my friends work, announced it will close.  Sweet Briar College, founded in 1901, will cease operations at the end of this year.  As its president states, “the class of 2015 will be … Continue reading

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Peak education 2013

Did we just experience peak higher education in the United States? I want to try out this hypothesis as a way of thinking about many current trendlines.  Readers and listeners know I have been tracking a large number of grim … Continue reading

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Late night thoughts on higher education finance

As summer starts winding down towards fall and the new academic year, we have the perspective to think in broad strokes about the near future. In my last post I shared some educators’ fears about what they see happening to … Continue reading

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Did private higher education just reach an inflection point?

American private colleges and universities received some major financial news this week, which raises the possibility that higher education prices are at a decisive point. A report from National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO; paywalled) found that … Continue reading

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