Queen sacrifice in New Hampshire

NHTIAnother American campus is laying off full-time faculty.   The New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord’s Community College (NHTI), is ending fourteen “teaching positions“.

This fits into my queen sacrifice model pretty well, whereby an institution cuts core personnel (faculty) and reduces certain programs.  The institution cites rising costs and drops in the number of students.  “The cuts are based largely on increases in payroll and health insurance costs, and declining enrollment, according to NHTI”.  More: “NHTI enrollment since 2010 has been declining by 2 percent a year while enrollment grows across the entire system. Total student enrollment for fall 2013 was 5,079, down almost 5 percent from 2010.”

In addition, there are faculty complaints of excessive administrative growth.
“Members of the faculty group have major concerns. They say the limited money is being spent to support administrative positions and activity, not academic programs.”

However, I cannot find detailed information about the nature of the cuts, namely, which departments are facing the ax.  Not can I discover news about any programs being expanded or added, in order to meet rising student demand.

As we approach the 2014-2015 academic year, perhaps we should expect to see more queen sacrifices ahead, unless conditions change.

(thanks to George Station)

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