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Queen sacrifice as bargaining strategy

Rider University avoided having a queen sacrifice after all.  Its administration announced serious cuts to academic programs and faculty earlier this month. Now Rider faculty decided to make their own sacrifices rather than see some of their number laid off … Continue reading

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Die, American cable tv news, die

Did you know CNN publishes a Fear and Greed Index?  That this is a regular thing? Hang on.  Let me start again. The first step towards media and information literacy in 2015 is to stop watching American tv news.  Seriously. … Continue reading

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First impressions of the New York Times VR project

This weekend the New York Times launched a virtual reality effort.  The “newspaper” published a 3d video documentary for mobile devices, and also distributed Google Cardboard sets to some home subscribers. Here are some notes based on my first impressions. … Continue reading

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Blogging from the hospital

This morning I blogged about way the digital and face-to-face worlds are increasingly intertwining. The context was a major IT and education conference.  Little did I know that I’d return to this theme in a far more personal sense. I’m … Continue reading

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Robert Reich: economic inequality is starting to silence academic expression

This week Robert Reich shared some recent stories about increasing economic inequality silencing expression in the non-profit world, including education.  These are useful anecdotes and reflections from a perceptive observer. For example, I had [an] exchange last year with the president … Continue reading

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Americans using technology: smartphones and city kids versus old folks in the country

How do Americans use technology?  Pew gives us another excellent and useful report. Here are some highlights from my reading, as I snuck glimpses during and returning from the EDUCAUSE 2015 conference: The device mix: some are rising, while others … Continue reading

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Emerging technologies: a more detailed Gartner analysis

This month Gartner Research offered a top-level forecast of where technologies are going over the next five years.  At the same time they explored technologies in greater detail with this report, which I’ll summarize here. It’s a pretty solid list, … Continue reading

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