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The emerging three-cornered K-12 computing ecosystem

What computers are American K-12 schools using these days?  It’s a three-way battle at the moment between Apple, Google, and Microsoft, according to an IDC report, summarized in the New York Times. Each has about one third of the market, … Continue reading

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Reading in 2015, a personal reflection with bonus Lovecraft anecdote

I was thinking about the impact of the internet on reading this week, precisely because of what I was reading.  On the one hand, there was a pair of essays on Medium by Hugh McGuire (“Why can’t we read anymore?“) and … Continue reading

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Down with Twitter’s Project Lightning

Twitter is apparently preparing a reboot.  It’s code-named Project Lightning, and will offer a very new approach to the platform.  It’s also a lousy idea. Let me start with a caveat. This post is provisional.   I’m working off of … Continue reading

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3d printing and education: a workshop report

Yesterday I and two others hosted a NERCOMP workshop on 3d printing for higher education.  The large audience participated very actively, creating fun conversations and a lot of information-sharing about an emergent field.  In this post I’ll sum up the … Continue reading

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The age of disintegrated computing and thoughts on education

Is our computing environment shattering into disintegrated swarms of devices and functions? This good article on search and hardware makes me think so, and that “disintegrated computing” describes where we’re heading.  But let me back up a bit to set … Continue reading

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Teens using tech: the latest from Pew Research

The always essential Pew Research Center updates us on their ongoing research into how American teens use technology.  As always, this is useful stuff, especially for anyone in education. Let me pull out details that struck me. Hardware: a mix … Continue reading

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Flickr Creative Commons site bug fixed

Good news: Flickr fixed that weird problem we spotted yesterday.  Their Creative Commons images Explore site, a gateway to the millions of photos published under a set of CC licenses, is now functioning correctly once more. Check out those numbers, … Continue reading

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