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Hotel internet connectivity: how bad is it?

Frequent travelers know what hotel internet connectivity can often be frustrating.  But I hit upon a principle, many years ago, that lets us understand the connection between hotel and WiFi. I called it Alexander’s Iron Law of Hotel Connectivity, and … Continue reading

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The power of convenience

Make magazine cites me in a recent newsletter.  They liked one of my lesser-developed arguments: “We should never underestimate the power of convenience,” Alexander said. “Wearable computing can make things easier for users, and that’s enough to drive adoption.” True … Continue reading

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Adventures of The Exploded Twitter book club

In May I participated in an ad hoc social reading experiment.  I hereby dub it The Exploded Twitter Book Club, and think it was both entertaining and instructive.  The experience offers a snapshot of social media in 2014, while perhaps suggesting … Continue reading

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How technology remixes socioeconomics: deeper into The Second Machine Age

How are new technological innovations changing the economy and society?  We continue reading of Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s recent book, The Second Machine Age (previous posts): From this week’s SMA-related news: I’ve been playing with the Expresso web application.  It’s a simple tool. … Continue reading

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Doppelbotting Snowden

Doppelbotting reached new heights this week as Edward Snowden used that telepresence technology to appear at a conference on the other side of the world. A TED event hosted the fugitive whistleblower, and his robot wheeled around the stage, bearing … Continue reading

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Living the digital life in 2025

What will cyberspace look like after the next decade? The Pew Research folks in combination with Elon University’s Imagining the Internet initiative have published “Digital Life in 2025″, a semi-crowdsourced report that’s well worth your time. Well, anything written by … Continue reading

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Technological bounty and mismeasurement

This morning I continue with my online reading of Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s The Second Machine Age.  You can find previous posts here. Last week we left off with a discussion of innovation and artificial intelligence.  That sets the stage for this … Continue reading

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The Second Machine Age, week two

I started an online reading of The Second Machine Age last week, and now we move on to chapters three and four. First, quick notes about a recent news stories that bear on SMA topics. Some people have been using … Continue reading

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Starting a reading of The Second Machine Age

Starting today I’m reading Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s recent book The Second Machine Age (2013; Amazon)*. I picked this book because it addresses a major challenge for the future of education: not only the general impact of digital technology, but the … Continue reading

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Seven years, 20,000 tweets, and counting

Recently I passed two milestones: 20,000 Tweets (and counting) and my seven-year twitterversary.  That’s a good double prompt for me to look back on my Twitter experience. Some of the below should come as no surprise to regular Twitterers.  Some … Continue reading

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