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Darker, unequal, more controlled, yet hopeful: looking ahead to the Web of 2015

The Pew Research Internet Project published a new report this week, looking at privacy online.  They surveyed a group of experts, thought leaders, innovators, and me for our thoughts.  Overall it’s a sobering document, finding privacy on the wane, driven … Continue reading

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Net neutrality versus social justice: the case for zero rating

Could one argue against net neutrality in order to support poor people?  This seems to be what Wikipedia is urging, and offers all of us an unusual spin on the net neutrality question. The key to this approach is that it … Continue reading

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Peering ahead to 2064

(This article is part of the ‘Think Further’ series, sponsored by Fred Alger Management. For more ‘Think Further’ content and videos, click here.) Yesterday I participated in a Twitter discussion about the future of technology.  The assignment: imagine how things … Continue reading

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American social media, mobile device use in elections rising: Pew study

Americans are using mobile devices and social media for election purposes more than ever before, according to a new Pew report.  This is a useful observation about how Americans use digital technology, with implications for teaching and learning. You should … Continue reading

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What podcatcher should I use?

I’m looking for a new podcatcher.  Which one should I try? Background: I’m a serious podcast listener, subscribing to dozens (here’s an annotated list).  Podcasts play an important part in my life, both for research and entertainment.  I listen several … Continue reading

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Hotel internet connectivity: how bad is it?

Frequent travelers know what hotel internet connectivity can often be frustrating.  But I hit upon a principle, many years ago, that lets us understand the connection between hotel and WiFi. I called it Alexander’s Iron Law of Hotel Connectivity, and … Continue reading

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The power of convenience

Make magazine cites me in a recent newsletter.  They liked one of my lesser-developed arguments: “We should never underestimate the power of convenience,” Alexander said. “Wearable computing can make things easier for users, and that’s enough to drive adoption.” True … Continue reading

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