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The age of disintegrated computing and thoughts on education

Is our computing environment shattering into disintegrated swarms of devices and functions? This good article on search and hardware makes me think so, and that “disintegrated computing” describes where we’re heading.  But let me back up a bit to set … Continue reading

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Teens using tech: the latest from Pew Research

The always essential Pew Research Center updates us on their ongoing research into how American teens use technology.  As always, this is useful stuff, especially for anyone in education. Let me pull out details that struck me. Hardware: a mix … Continue reading

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Flickr Creative Commons site bug fixed

Good news: Flickr fixed that weird problem we spotted yesterday.  Their Creative Commons images Explore site, a gateway to the millions of photos published under a set of CC licenses, is now functioning correctly once more. Check out those numbers, … Continue reading

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What happened to millions of Creative Commons-licensed photos in Flickr?

UPDATED: it was a bug, and the Flickr team fixed it.  All’s well.  Read on for the story: Something weird and potentially bad just happened to the Flickr photo-sharing site.  Specifically, their page listing photos published under Creative Commons licenses … Continue reading

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Getting better news: my daily routine

Some of you know I make a habit of criticizing American tv news, because it’s generally awful.  After one such mocking a Twitter friend asked, “what do you favor for news?”  I decided to answer, because ultimately it’s a good … Continue reading

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What to do with a good old wiki resource?

Several years ago I launched a wiki for a desperate purpose.  Now I ponder its fate, and ask you, dear readers, for your thoughts. Consider this a case study in evolving social media. Here’s the story.  Back in 2007 I … Continue reading

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Digital storytelling: practice and place

This morning I made another digital story about winter.  It’s called “No More Mrs. Nice Winter”, and although I can’t embed it here, you can just follow that link.  Here’s a sample image from it, also linked: I’ve been using … Continue reading

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