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Illinois considers just plain sacrifices for its public universities

he state of Illinois has been stuck in budgetary trench warfare for months, and this has prompted talk of serious cuts in its public colleges and universities.  This week it’s the accrediting agency who’s raising the sacrifice specter. What’s in … Continue reading

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Concordia College attempts a queen sacrifice

Concordia College, a midwestern liberal arts institution, is the latest American campus to announce a queen sacrifice.  The college is apparently going to cut a series of academic programs, and reduce some faculty numbers along the way. What’s on the chopping … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs looks at higher education, very darkly

Goldman Sachs shared their analysis of higher education for investors a few weeks ago, and it’s an important document for people in higher education to consider.  Goldman is enormously influential in the finance world, and also in government, two realms with a … Continue reading

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Queen sacrifice in Western Illinois

This week it’s Western Illinois University‘s turn to consider a queen sacrifice. “At this point I anticipate that it will be necessary to inform approximately 50 faculty of the elimination of their positions,” the interim provost, Kathleen Neumann, said during a … Continue reading

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Yet another campus sacrifices the queen

The College of Saint Rose (Albany, New York) announced (pdf) it would cut academic programs and faculty, in yet another example of what I’ve been calling a queen sacrifice. That press release is actually quite informative.  On the Saint Rose … Continue reading

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Why tv news must die; a task for educators

Last month I explained why American cable television news was a shambling disaster, and urged readers to please stop watching it.  Naturally those “news” “services” have gone on to provide more fodder for my argument during the following weeks.  This … Continue reading

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Evangel University sacrifices the queen

Evangel University of Missouri announced plans to fire a group of faculty and staff.  It looks like another queen sacrifice. Faculty and staff alike are bearing the cuts: Forty-four employees will be directly affected by the cuts, including 32 faculty … Continue reading

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