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Are campus mergers rising?

How can colleges and universities cope with today’s financial and enrollment challenges? Perhaps by merging.  Former university president Susan Resneck Pierce offers a sobering and thoughtful list of institutions currently exploring mergers. Pierce also provides good advice for leaders thinking about … Continue reading

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What does the internet of things mean for education?

I’ve been tracking the internet of things for a while, and am still trying to imagine how it fits into education.  I’m not sure if the IoT will hit academic with the wave force of the Web in the 1990s, … Continue reading

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On CNBC today: a quick discussion about the future of tech and education

Today I’m on CNBC for a short discussion on “Artificially Intelligent tutors”. You can watch the minute-and-a-half video here: Readers know that automation and artificial intelligence are topics of great interest to me. Watch this space for more.

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Coming up: business to expand its role in education

American business is likely to increase its efforts to reform education.  That’s the inescapable conclusion of a new Harvard Business School report, “An Economy Doing Half its Job” (pdf).  Educators would do well to pay close attention to its findings. The … Continue reading

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The shock of the old: the triumph of tv ads

When looking into the future, it’s vital to remember the persistence of the past.  I was reminded of this maxim while reading and listening to an NPR interview with a major political advertising player, Neil Oxman.  Despite the appearance of … Continue reading

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A fine hoax of attitudes towards adjuncts in the Chronicle

Congratulations to the Chronicle of Higher Education for running a very convincing hoax. They recently published a “letter to the editor”, entitled “Is That Whining Adjunct Someone We Want Teaching Our Young?” It’s a terrific attempt to mimic the attitude … Continue reading

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Closing a college

An American college is getting ready to shut down.  Lebanon College (New Hampshire) replaced its website with a simple announcement: Gone are all menus and links, from what I can make out. Lebanon College faces problems familiar to many other … Continue reading

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