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Reading Robert Putnam, _Our Kids_, together online

Last week I mentioned wanting to read Robert Putnam’s new book, Our Kids (Simon & Schuster, 2015).  That’s because it’s an important, attention-winning new work, and because it bears closely on inequality and education issues I’ve been examining. So let’s read … Continue reading

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Piketty on student debt

Thomas Piketty, one of the most important economists of our time, guru of economic inequality, offers some brief and pithy observations on student debt in American higher education.  Let’s break it down. First, the general observation: [T]he amount of household … Continue reading

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Did we just enter the age of extractive democracy?

Let me turn my blogging in a somewhat more political direction, at least for this post.  Working on higher education as a futurist, I have to wrangle dozens of major contextual factors from the worlds of politics, economics, and society. … Continue reading

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What American educational oligarchy looks like in 2015

It seems like the fact of drastic educational inequality is becoming more widely known in the United States of 2015.  At the same time, gaps of race and class are widening and normalizing.  And we refuse to do anything about it, … Continue reading

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One law school faces a stark future

Can a law school perform a queen sacrifice?  I haven’t been blogging about the law school crisis, although I’ve been tracking it for years (!) at FTTE.  So let me remedy that with the sad story of the Appalachian School … Continue reading

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Vermont college cuts staff, adjuncts, classes

Lyndon State College announced a series of cuts this week, responding to all too common challenges in today’s higher education. The Vermont campus starts by laying off five administrators.  Then the reductions continue: Lyndon State will not reappoint some of its … Continue reading

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Privatizing community college in Arizona

Last month I noted a wave of Republican-led proposals to seriously cut financing for public colleges and universities.  I suggested that these moves would force more queen sacrifices from a great deal of campuses. Arizona was part of that wave, … Continue reading

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