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The problem with the problem with students today

Are today’s students becoming too fragile for higher education?  A former student of mine somehow managed to get up the grit and gumption to share this Psychology Today story. on that topic.  After I awarded the student her mandatory trophy … Continue reading

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Great wealth: the privilege academia really doesn’t want to discuss

Having enormous amounts of money changes how a school does education, but it’s something we really don’t want to discuss in higher education.  Being well-endowed, or just rich, is definitely a form of privilege, and yet we try not to … Continue reading

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Grad school is changing by race, nationality, gender, and discipline

Amid the huge complexity and many challenges of American higher education, what’s going on with university graduate programs?  The Council of Graduate Schools issued a new report looking at trends for 2004-2014, offering a fine glimpse into where things have … Continue reading

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The adjunct crisis: a good update, a scary visualization, and a classic error

The Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has an update on and summary of the adjunct situation.  If you need to get up to speed on this shameful issue, or need for someone else to become more knowledgeable, this … Continue reading

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The entire Japanese public university system attempts a massive queen sacrifice

Wielding an enormous ax, the Japanese minister of education has apparently decided his country’s universities no longer need humanities and social sciences departments. Seriously: [according to] a letter from education minister Hakuban Shimomura sent to all of Japan’s 86 national universities, … Continue reading

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Another queen sacrifice in Ohio

A “bright future”: that’s how Ashland University‘s president described what lies ahead for his campus as a result of laying off 23 faculty members. Kellie Woodhouse reports for Inside Higher Ed on this latest example of a queen sacrifice: 32 of … Continue reading

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A community college sacrifices many full-time lecturers

A New Jersey community college ended the positions of 64 faculty members.  Two weeks ago Bergen Community College decided to cut these non-tenure-track but full-time instructors.  That’s around one month before fall term begins. It’s really another queen sacrifice.  As usual, the institution … Continue reading

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