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Cutting staff but not faculty: University of Akron hacks around a queen sacrifice

A campus under financial stress can cut all kinds of people who aren’t faculty instead of making a queen sacrifice.  Case in point : the University of Akron, which announced the end of 213 staff positions.  That’s 161 people canned, not including … Continue reading

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American higher education politics just changed, maybe

It’s the middle of 2015 and in the United States presidential candidates are marking their territory for next year’s elections. Higher education policy has loomed surprisingly large so far, and the various postures and proposals sketch out something of a … Continue reading

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A tale of two academias: campus chief financial officers peer into the future

What do the people in charge of campus finances think about academic sustainability?  Inside Higher Ed and Gallup surveyed CFOs again, and the results are both fascinating and sobering. Overall, CFO opinion is split between optimism and pessimism.  Setting aside … Continue reading

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How students choose majors during recessions

Students pick different majors when the economy is lousy than in good times.  That seems intuitively obvious, and can be confirmed by anecdotes.  It’s useful to have research exploring just how it works.  A recent discussion paper by Erica Blom, Brian C. … Continue reading

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The campus merger option rises

As pressures continue to squeeze American higher education, some campuses are looking to alternatives beyond closing or conducting a queen sacrifice.  One option is merging institutions.  Inside Higher Ed points to recent cases of merged campuses, suggesting that number might … Continue reading

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How not to write about college students: a lesson from Slate

A popular article on Slate this week offers a nearly perfect demonstration of how not to write about college students.  The lesson is on how to pretend a small fraction of students stand in for the entire undergraduate population. Here’s how … Continue reading

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Why aren’t students rising up? Why would they?

“Why Aren’t Students Raising Hell?” asks David Masciotra. “Why aren’t American students out on the streets?”  Excellent questions.  And there’s no single answer. Masciotra’s article is mostly a lead-up to those queries, explaining why students might want to revolt.  First … Continue reading

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