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Happy holiday wishes

I write this on Christmas Eve.  Night fell early again, this close to winter solstice, closing up a very short afternoon.  Now I’m surrounded by family and friends.  Adults have eased into after-dinner conversation.  The children are insanely eager for … Continue reading

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Inbox zero and one fatal flaw

This post is about too much email.  About the cure I used, and its one major weakness. Most of us have suffered from the plague of too much email, and I’m no exception.  I used to dread the towering pile … Continue reading

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Surprised by a bear

Sometimes homesteading can be exciting.

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Unremarkable observations about being offline

My wife and I spent two days last week cut off from the internet.  That wasn’t a deliberate thing to do.  We weren’t doing a digital fast. Well, the trip was deliberate.  It was about taking time to hike some … Continue reading

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With the social networks

One hour, many networks: I seeded yesterday’s declaration across my footholds in social media.  Updates to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and pointed to that blog post.  I also used the old-fashioned email network to share the news. And the response … Continue reading

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Starting a new venture: Bryan Alexander Consulting

Today is the beginning of new venture, as I launch Bryan Alexander Consulting. As you might expect, this is a consulting enterprise.  BAC focuses on how technology transforms education.  To help people and institutions cope with and strategize this transition … Continue reading

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A year without caffeine, part 2

(continued from part 1) Diagnosis and prescription The family doctor stared at me sternly, then issued his diagnosis and prescription.  He explained that my guts were mostly like in a bad state of ulceration, and my diet was the most … Continue reading

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A year without caffeine, part 1

(This is the first of a two-part series.  The second part can be found here.) I used to drink more caffeine than you do. That is almost certainly true.  From my college days (1985ff) through the end of 2011, my … Continue reading

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Blogging the storm

My wife and I have been blogging our experience of Hurricane Sandy on our family blog, Scaling the Peak.  Power outages, supply mania, felling trees, animals brooding – please read and comment.

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