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Talking about the future of education and technology on Milwaukee public radio

Earlier this week I was interviewed on Milwaukee public radio.  Mitch Teich asked good questions, and we covered a lot of ground in just under 20 minutes. We discuss queen sacrifices, the recent Japanese move against the humanities and social sciences, … Continue reading

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Discussing the future of education, and being off the grid

A representative of Marquette University interviewed me for a Medium article.  Joe DiGiovanni asked good questions, and expanded the discussion into a nice profile.  

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How are schools competing with other modes of learning?

The New Media Consortium and I hosted a panel discussion about Competition from New Models of Learning.  Four amazing people explored this concept from very different perspectives and with tremendous energy.  It was all I could do to keep up. … Continue reading

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I brood about the future of learning for Inside Higher Ed

I discuss the future of higher education on The Pulse, the Inside Higher Ed podcast. In this month’s edition, Bryan Alexander of the New Media Consortium discusses the future of higher education, the role of technology, and issues such as the … Continue reading

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Conversing with COIL

Penn State’s splendid Center for Online Innoation in Learning (COIL) hosted me for a campus visit this September. There they interviewed me about higher education’s near- and medium-term future. Larry Ragan and I touched on alternatives to higher education, collaboration … Continue reading

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After such broadband, what applications?

How will we use digital technologies differently if we boost broadband speeds and access?  Will faster connections change the way we live? The Pew Research Internet Project canvassed a bunch of us for our thoughts.  Respondents generally noted similar themes, … Continue reading

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On CNBC today: a quick discussion about the future of tech and education

Today I’m on CNBC for a short discussion on “Artificially Intelligent tutors”. You can watch the minute-and-a-half video here: Readers know that automation and artificial intelligence are topics of great interest to me. Watch this space for more.

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