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A class of seniors: a new opportunity for higher education

Are American universities and colleges on the cusp of enrolling a new student population? For many people “college” means an educational experience populated by at students aged 18-22.  This traditional-age demographic is a popular one for our imagination of higher education, despite the … Continue reading

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Some university presidents on the future of education

What do college and university presidents think of the future of higher education?  eCampus News has an interesting summary of a recent think-tank-y project, wherein 14 chief executive officers from a diverse group of institutions participated in two separate sessions … Continue reading

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Considering a year of bloggery

Looking back on 2014, I was curious about this blog’s most popular posts.  WordPress generated helpful stats, which shed some light on what readers look for in this bloghouse. So what were you most curious about in 2014, my blogospheric audience? … Continue reading

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A university sacrifices its football team

The University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB)’s president announced plans to terminate that school’s football team. This is interesting to me for two reasons: its relation to my queen sacrifice model and for the trend of concerns about college sports.  Not to … Continue reading

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A Vermont college announces a queen sacrifice

Vermont Technical College will cut back some of its academic offerings next year.  That means cutting faculty, including both adjuncts and tenured professors, and offering another case of what I’ve been calling the queen sacrifice. Recently-appointed VTC president Dan Smith … Continue reading

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Conversing with COIL

Penn State’s splendid Center for Online Innoation in Learning (COIL) hosted me for a campus visit this September. There they interviewed me about higher education’s near- and medium-term future. Larry Ragan and I touched on alternatives to higher education, collaboration … Continue reading

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After such broadband, what applications?

How will we use digital technologies differently if we boost broadband speeds and access?  Will faster connections change the way we live? The Pew Research Internet Project canvassed a bunch of us for our thoughts.  Respondents generally noted similar themes, … Continue reading

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