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Three higher education futures

Today Educause Review Online published my latest article, “Higher Education in 2024: Glimpsing the Future“.  In it are three scenarios for how academia could change over the next decade: Two Cultures, a divide between entirely online teaching and a face-to-face … Continue reading

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One future of education: Health Care Nation

What would education look like if the medical sector becomes the largest part of American society and economics?  I call this scenario: Health Care Nation.* In this future, the medical sector has become the leading U.S. industry, eclipsing all others. … Continue reading

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Higher ed could survive, just like the big banks did

Here’s one possible way for colleges and universities to survive the current crisis.  We could deem higher education too big to fail. Background: the linked article refers to the recent brush with institutional death experienced by the City College of San Francisco (CCSF).  Its … Continue reading

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How can we reform the adjunct system?

How can American academia’s adjunct situation be improved?  What’s the best way to address this humanitarian crisis?  Can we fix this labor disaster? This question surfaced during a Twitter discussion today.  Several of us were criticizing the increased casualization of … Continue reading

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One scenario for scholarly research

Here’s me talking about one possible way we can do scholarly research online. (larger size here) It’s only a couple of minutes, so let me add a few thoughts: I’m talking about an individual faculty member or two.  It’s not … Continue reading

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Reshaping the University: trends report

I have a new article out.  It’s called “Reshaping the University” (pdf), and is part of the Association of Professional Futurists’ regular Compass report. It’s a briefing about current trends, following my FTTE work, and aimed at a general audience.

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Piketty on higher education

Recently Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century seized the imagination of many Americans, reigniting debates about economic inequality (my review).  Meanwhile, our current crisis over education reform roars on.  What does this spotlit book say about higher education? The short version: … Continue reading

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