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What American educational oligarchy looks like in 2015

It seems like the fact of drastic educational inequality is becoming more widely known in the United States of 2015.  At the same time, gaps of race and class are widening and normalizing.  And we refuse to do anything about it, … Continue reading

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Three years of writing about education’s future

It’s hard to believe that, as of this month’s report, FTTE has run for three years. Three years ago I shared the first issue of Future Trends in Technology and Education.  Back then it was just called Future Trends, and … Continue reading

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When the queen sacrifice isn’t enough, a campus resigns

Today a fine college, a splendid campus where many of my friends work, announced it will close.  Sweet Briar College, founded in 1901, will cease operations at the end of this year.  As its president states, “the class of 2015 will be … Continue reading

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We can’t graduate enough nurses

We need a lot of nurses, but American universities just can’t make enough of them, according to a new Georgetown study (pdf).  This supports my Health Care Nation scenario, where medical fields become the dominant economic and cultural engine of the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Kevin Carey’s University of Everywhere

Kevin Carey has a forthcoming book on the future of education, which I’m looking forward to.  The Washington Post offered a taste of it with an overview article, “One vision of tomorrow’s college: Cheap, and you get an education, not … Continue reading

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A Democratic party opportunity on higher education

This month has seen interesting signs of a potential partisan split on higher education.  That would be a major shift in American party politics, as both Democrats and Republicans have generally joined hands since 2008 in pressuring campuses to cut … Continue reading

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The current state of online learning: the Babson report

What’s the current state of online learning?  A new report from Babson, Pearson, the Online Learning Consortium et al, Grade Level (pdf), offers some intriguing observations about campus strategy and leadership. One is that a huge gap yawns open between … Continue reading

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