On the Web

This site is a jumping-off point to Bryan’s various Web presences.

Twitter: I spend a lot of productive time here doing professional communication, crowdsourcing questions, learning, and sharing thoughts.

Blogging: I’m one of the lead writers for NITLE’s Techne blog. From 2006 through 2010 I was the main writer for its predecessor, Liberal Education Today.

My wife and I coauthor a blog about our off-the-grid homesteading work, Scaling the Peak.

The New Digital Storytelling is my first book’s blog.

Infocult has been exploring the ways we fear digital technologies for nearly a decade.

Draculablog is a republishing and digital storytelling project, blogging Stoker’s entire novel according to its internal calendar (noted at BoingBoing, 2005).

I also wrote for the Smartmobs blog team for several years.

Web gaming: I’ve organized NITLE’s prediction markets game ever since helping launch it in 2008.  Here’s one article I published in 2009, explaining it and exploring what we’ve learned.

Bookmarks: Diigo and Pinboard are where I share Web resources of interest.  Also on Diigo is the Gaming and Liberal Education group, which I facilitate through NITLE.    I was an early adopter and energetic user of Delicious; that archive is still there, until Yahoo decides otherwise.


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