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American higher education enrollment declines again

The number of students enrolled in American colleges and universities declined this spring.  Recent data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC) depicts a gradually changing student body, with serious implications for post-secondary education. In spring 2015 American campuses … Continue reading

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A powerful donor versus academic freedom

The CEO of a major energy company asked the University of Oklahoma to fire some faculty, because he didn’t like the way their research was heading. “Mr. Hamm is very upset at some of the earthquake reporting to the point … Continue reading

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Giving a great presentation: some tips and advice

What makes for a great presentation?  How can presenters do a better job? I wanted to share some thoughts about this, based on my experience.  After decades  of being in a variety of audiences, I have some observations, warnings, and tips … Continue reading

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One classic open education source to stop, an open education resource dating back a while, will no longer make new content.  Why?  Financial pressures. Berkeley will keep on doing lecture capture, just not for the rest of us: We will no longer make recorded lecture videos … Continue reading

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More for-profit colleges to resign the game

Thirty campuses belonging to two for-profit chains will close during the next few weeks, it seems.  They aren’t sacrificing any queens, but resigning the game. Career Education Corporation and Education Management Corporation will shut down 29 campuses between them.  That means, according … Continue reading

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Concluding Robert Putnam’s _Our Kids_, asking “What is To Be Done?”

Today we finish up our online reading of Robert Putnam’s new book, Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis. The book’s final chapter reflects on the problems diagnosed so far, and asks simply, classically, “What is to be Done?” As with … Continue reading

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Teaching the Future

I’d like to announce the launch of a project I’ve had a small role in.  Teach the Future is a new effort to help teachers at all levels, K-16+, introduce futures thinking into classes. TtF is developing starter kits for … Continue reading

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