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Peak higher education hits Bloomberg

Bloomberg News caught on to the peak higher education idea this week.  They offer a different term, “the college contraction“, and add some excited language: Small U.S. Colleges Battle Death Spiral The article does a fine job of summarizing trends. … Continue reading

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Backing away from one queen sacrifice

In this season of colleges and universities performing queen sacrifices, one institution has backed away from its attempt. The University of Southern Maine announced it would cut faculty, staff, and programs last month.  Student and faculty protests ensued (see Doug Henwood’s … Continue reading

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Signs of peak higher education: the return of vo tech

How does America’s education system change, if we just passed peak higher ed?  One response might be a return to vocational technology curricula. Consider: if the college world is starting to shrink, how will people learn skills for careers? The … Continue reading

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How to survive our robot overlords

This week our reading of Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s The Second Machine Age advances to policy recommendations.  (If you haven’t followed along, here are all of the posts) Chapter 13: Policy Recommendations Here the authors focus on the short term, and their primary … Continue reading

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Have we reached peak higher education?

Inside Higher Ed published my essay entitled Has Higher Ed Peaked?  In it I raise the idea of applying peak models to the entire sector of American higher education.  It’s a think piece, a provocation. Yes, it sprang from last year’s … Continue reading

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Technology versus workers, or technology for workers?

When will technology throw people out of work, and when can people use technology to improve their careers?  These are questions for this week’s reading from Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s The Second Machine Age (previous posts here). As before, there are … Continue reading

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Academia between two storms: talking NERCOMP into the future

Yesterday I had the good fortune to address the NERCOMP 2014 conference in Providence, Rhode Island.  The conference was a sweet one, with its highest attendance ever, a fine buzz of conversation, and a general confidence in springtime’s imminent arrival. … Continue reading

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Yale’s former president to Coursera

The recent president of Yale University has moved to lead a major MOOC platform.  Richard “Rick” Levin will become the new CEO of Coursera. Anya Kamenetz asked for my thoughts, and I had two.  First, that Levin would be a fine … Continue reading

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How technology remixes socioeconomics: deeper into The Second Machine Age

How are new technological innovations changing the economy and society?  We continue reading of Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s recent book, The Second Machine Age (previous posts): From this week’s SMA-related news: I’ve been playing with the Expresso web application.  It’s a simple tool. … Continue reading

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How we play today

Down on the collective gold farm: I review Nick Yee’s important and thought-provoking study of how people live in massively multiplayer online games.  It’s called The Proteus Paradox, and I commend it to anyone interested in gaming, online life, or … Continue reading

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