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On education racing the machines

How is education responding to new technologies of automation?  I’m quoted on this in a new Pew Internet report. “The education system is not well positioned to transform itself to help shape graduates who can ‘race against the machines.’ Not in … Continue reading

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Technology from disruptive to darling

Here’s a nice graph of how our views of a technology (or product) change over time: It’s from the forthcoming TBD Catalog, which looks fascinating. (via Bruce Sterling’s Flickr)

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One future of education: Health Care Nation

What would education look like if the medical sector becomes the largest part of American society and economics?  I call this scenario: Health Care Nation.* In this future, the medical sector has become the leading U.S. industry, eclipsing all others. … Continue reading

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Queen sacrifice in New Hampshire

Another American campus is laying off full-time faculty.   The New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord’s Community College (NHTI), is ending fourteen “teaching positions“. This fits into my queen sacrifice model pretty well, whereby an institution cuts core personnel (faculty) and reduces certain programs. … Continue reading

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On keynoting: how I create my talks

I have the privilege of being invited to address many academic, nonprofit, and business groups.  After doing this for a decade, and following some social media brooding on keynotes, I thought I’d put down some thoughts on how this works … Continue reading

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Joining the New Media Consortium

This week I’m excited to report that I’ve joined the staff of the New Media Consortium (NMC) as their new senior researcher. NMC and I go back a while.  I’ve been involved with NMC many times over the years.  Speaking at their … Continue reading

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Higher ed could survive, just like the big banks did

Here’s one possible way for colleges and universities to survive the current crisis.  We could deem higher education too big to fail. Background: the linked article refers to the recent brush with institutional death experienced by the City College of San Francisco (CCSF).  Its … Continue reading

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Making MOOCs work on campus

What can we do with MOOCs in 2014, after that bubble has popped? In “Interactive Online Learning on Campus: Testing MOOCs and Other Platforms in Hybrid Formats in the University System of Maryland” (pdf) Rebecca Griffiths, Matthew Chingos, Christine, and Mulhern Richard … Continue reading

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On the hope and hype of MOOCs

Last fall I participated in an OCLC panel on MOOCs. This week OCLC published an article on that panel in the new issue of their NextSpace journal. The article is called “The hope and hype of MOOCs”, and offers a … Continue reading

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How can we reform the adjunct system?

How can American academia’s adjunct situation be improved?  What’s the best way to address this humanitarian crisis?  Can we fix this labor disaster? This question surfaced during a Twitter discussion today.  Several of us were criticizing the increased casualization of … Continue reading

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