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The emerging three-cornered K-12 computing ecosystem

What computers are American K-12 schools using these days?  It’s a three-way battle at the moment between Apple, Google, and Microsoft, according to an IDC report, summarized in the New York Times. Each has about one third of the market, … Continue reading

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Another queen sacrifice in Ohio

A “bright future”: that’s how Ashland University‘s president described what lies ahead for his campus as a result of laying off 23 faculty members. Kellie Woodhouse reports for Inside Higher Ed on this latest example of a queen sacrifice: 32 of … Continue reading

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The future of everything for higher education: an upcoming NERCOMP event

Next month a group of us in New England will discuss the future of education, under the ambitious header “The Future of Everything: Multidimensional Forecasting for the Next Campus.”  For a day (September 28th, 2015) we’ll delving into a series … Continue reading

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A community college sacrifices many full-time lecturers

A New Jersey community college ended the positions of 64 faculty members.  Two weeks ago Bergen Community College decided to cut these non-tenure-track but full-time instructors.  That’s around one month before fall term begins. It’s really another queen sacrifice.  As usual, the institution … Continue reading

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Valdosta State conducts a queen sacrifice

Valdosta State University in Georgia will fire a group of faculty and staff in what looks like a standard queen sacrifice. Colleen Flaherty reports that VSU will be “laying off 33 staff and faculty members, including some on the tenure track”. … Continue reading

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The queen sacrifice in education fiction

Inside Higher Ed ran a column yesterday on a plan to overhaul a hypothetical small college.  In “The State of St. Bridget’s, July 2017” Aden Hayes describes this plan in detail, including a queen sacrifice move. These are putatively “fundamental … Continue reading

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Giving a great presentation: starting from scratch

How do we give great presentations?  In this post I wanted to take readers and speakers to the very first step, when we start planning a talk. This post isn’t about technology.  It’s not about revision (see the last lines). … Continue reading

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