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Why aren’t students rising up? Why would they?

“Why Aren’t Students Raising Hell?” asks David Masciotra. “Why aren’t American students out on the streets?”  Excellent questions.  And there’s no single answer. Masciotra’s article is mostly a lead-up to those queries, explaining why students might want to revolt.  First … Continue reading

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Giving a great presentation: your body

How do you give a great presentation? In this post I want to focus in on one key element of presenting: what you do with your body. Let’s start off with the bad news.  In public speaking there are many … Continue reading

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Six trajectories for education and technology

The director of EDUCAUSE ELI describes six major trends (he calls them “trajectories”) for technology and education.  It’s a very impressive article, packing a lot of insight into a short space. Malcolm Brown begins with three major drivers: personalization, hybrid learning, … Continue reading

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Reading in 2015, a personal reflection with bonus Lovecraft anecdote

I was thinking about the impact of the internet on reading this week, precisely because of what I was reading.  On the one hand, there was a pair of essays on Medium by Hugh McGuire (“Why can’t we read anymore?“) and … Continue reading

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Sweet Briar to have another academic year; what does it mean?

Sweet Briar College is not closing this year, according to an agreement brokered by Virginia’s attorney general over the weekend.  The college will operate for the 2015-2016 academic year, based on donations and some freed-up endowment funding.  This is a big story, … Continue reading

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Down with Twitter’s Project Lightning

Twitter is apparently preparing a reboot.  It’s code-named Project Lightning, and will offer a very new approach to the platform.  It’s also a lousy idea. Let me start with a caveat. This post is provisional.   I’m working off of … Continue reading

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Another college to close: intimations of mortality in higher education

Sometimes even a queen sacrifice won’t help.  This week Marian Court College, a small, Catholic, liberal arts institution in the Boston area, announced it would close. What ended Marian Court?  Declining enrollment, primarily.  As a tuition-dependent school with a tiny … Continue reading

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