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_Will College Pay Off?_, a review

A very useful, hard-headed, and focused book, Will College Pay Off? (publisher, Amazon) covers exactly what that title promises. Peter Cappelli looks deeply into higher education as an economic proposition for would-be students. As such, this should be handy for a … Continue reading

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First thoughts on watching _The Martian_

My son and I went to see The Martian tonight, along with a lot of other people.  Owain’s a big fan of the novel, and is also an engineering and space maven.  I liked the book, too (short review).  Overall … Continue reading

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Starting a month of malevolent frights

Let me take a break, just for this post, from my usual focus on education and technology.  Today is the first of October, and I’d like to do something different in honor of this Halloween-tailed month. So here’s my plan … Continue reading

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The problem with the problem with students today

Are today’s students becoming too fragile for higher education?  A former student of mine somehow managed to get up the grit and gumption to share this Psychology Today story. on that topic.  After I awarded the student her mandatory trophy … Continue reading

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Great wealth: the privilege academia really doesn’t want to discuss

Having enormous amounts of money changes how a school does education, but it’s something we really don’t want to discuss in higher education.  Being well-endowed, or just rich, is definitely a form of privilege, and yet we try not to … Continue reading

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More humanities seminars online, and they’re not MOOCs

Starting this January forty (40) humanities seminars will kick into action, online.  Twenty-one American colleges and universities are offering these classes for students on each others’ campuses, through an innovative project coordinated by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC). These … Continue reading

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Talking about the future of education and technology on Milwaukee public radio

Earlier this week I was interviewed on Milwaukee public radio.  Mitch Teich asked good questions, and we covered a lot of ground in just under 20 minutes. We discuss queen sacrifices, the recent Japanese move against the humanities and social sciences, … Continue reading

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