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We can’t graduate enough nurses

We need a lot of nurses, but American universities just can’t make enough of them, according to a new Georgetown study (pdf).  This supports my Health Care Nation scenario, where medical fields become the dominant economic and cultural engine of the … Continue reading

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Elmhurst College makes a queen sacrifice

Elmhurst College is the latest member of higher education to make a queen sacrifice. The Chicago-area private liberal arts institution faces financial pressures and has launched a plan involving staff and faculty cuts. Financial pressure seems to come from growing expenses, … Continue reading

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Picking on great education and technology myths

Today I gave a webinar on a new theme, “Great .edu myths of our time”. hosted the event, and Jason Chu over there inspired the topic. Identifying and busting myths sounded like fun, so I picked five, ranked from … Continue reading

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Today is National Adjunct Walkout Day

Today is National Adjunct Walkout Day. This is potentially a huge step in academic labor relations, as a deeply exploited population attempts to make its voice heard. Here’s one fine overview.  You can also check Google News for journalistic updates. … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Kevin Carey’s University of Everywhere

Kevin Carey has a forthcoming book on the future of education, which I’m looking forward to.  The Washington Post offered a taste of it with an overview article, “One vision of tomorrow’s college: Cheap, and you get an education, not … Continue reading

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A Democratic party opportunity on higher education

This month has seen interesting signs of a potential partisan split on higher education.  That would be a major shift in American party politics, as both Democrats and Republicans have generally joined hands since 2008 in pressuring campuses to cut … Continue reading

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I brood about the future of learning for Inside Higher Ed

I discuss the future of higher education on The Pulse, the Inside Higher Ed podcast. In this month’s edition, Bryan Alexander of the New Media Consortium discusses the future of higher education, the role of technology, and issues such as the … Continue reading

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