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Darker, unequal, more controlled, yet hopeful: looking ahead to the Web of 2015

The Pew Research Internet Project published a new report this week, looking at privacy online.  They surveyed a group of experts, thought leaders, innovators, and me for our thoughts.  Overall it’s a sobering document, finding privacy on the wane, driven … Continue reading

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Sacrificing the queen or the whole campus? The case of UNO

The University of New Orleans is gearing up for more cuts, apparently. Its president has proposed so many cuts that one observer thinks UNO is over. An individual round of cuts to academic programs could well make for what I’ve … Continue reading

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Notes on Paying for the Party

Paying for the Party: How College Maintains Inequality is a powerful, carefully researched, and ultimately furious work of social science. Its target is higher education – specifically, how female students make it through large public research universities, and how they … Continue reading

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Snowed on, locked down, raiding electrons and getting zotted: a week of storms

Readers and other audiences often express curiosity about my family’s homesteading life.  So I thought I’d share a story of that experience in extremity.  I also want to get it down while it’s still fresh in memory. Last Tuesday a … Continue reading

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Most Americans pretty happy with the internet, says Pew

In a break from gloom and dystopia, most Americans now view the internet as a positive force in their lives, according to a new Pew survey.  The results contrast neatly with the steady drumbeat of fearsome digital media stories. For example, … Continue reading

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A university sacrifices its football team

The University of Alabama-Birmingham (UAB)’s president announced plans to terminate that school’s football team. This is interesting to me for two reasons: its relation to my queen sacrifice model and for the trend of concerns about college sports.  Not to … Continue reading

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A Vermont college announces a queen sacrifice

Vermont Technical College will cut back some of its academic offerings next year.  That means cutting faculty, including both adjuncts and tenured professors, and offering another case of what I’ve been calling the queen sacrifice. Recently-appointed VTC president Dan Smith … Continue reading

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